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PSA Bunny Run 5k

Palmer, MA, March 30, 2013

Overall Results

Rhonda Costa, Race Director. Timing by

PSA Bunny Run 5k.......
Overall Finish List.......
2013 March 30.......
Inc. Results By Race Management Systems.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Dariusz KurandaWest Brookfield MA54635 1 Top Fin18:13.45:53/M
2Henry DomnarskiWare MA52714 2 Top Fin18:20.95:55/M
3David Degan IIISouth Deerfield MA64920 3 Top Fin18:43.16:02/M
4Jonathan MurrayFeeding Hills MA56441 1 M 40-4921:00.16:46/M
5David DenaultPalmer MA52140 2 M 40-4921:19.96:53/M
6Denis ChildsPalmer MA51340 3 M 40-4921:26.46:55/M
7Daniel PearPalmer MA56837 1 M 30-3921:28.96:55/M
8Nolan BurkePalmer MA50817 1 M 13-1921:57.47:05/M
9Tim BolleaPalmer MA67412 1 M 1-1221:59.17:05/M
10Mark GoodwinPalmer MA62557 1 M 50-5922:13.97:10/M
11Alex OrtegaHartford CT62722 1 M 20-2922:55.97:24/M
12Kyle HigneyPalmer MA54019 2 M 13-1923:53.17:42/M
13John MorinEasthampton MA56331 2 M 30-3924:06.17:46/M
14Thomas RobertsPalmer MA57314 3 M 13-1924:11.17:48/M
15Tambria PioggiaSpringfield MA57031 1 Top Fin24:13.17:49/M
16Celso SandovalPalmer MA59639 3 M 30-3924:32.47:55/M
17Katie BurkePalmer MA50915 2 Top Fin24:34.97:55/M
18Rich KnurekThree Rivers MA65464 1 M 60-6924:55.98:02/M
19Thomas LeecockPalmer MA54953 2 M 50-5925:18.18:10/M
20Kaylee HotchkissChicopee MA54122 3 Top Fin25:31.68:14/M
21Lisa DomnarskiWare MA52844 1 F 40-4925:37.18:16/M
22Patti VaconMonson MA59552 1 F 50-5925:58.18:23/M
23Gill HigneyPalmer MA53955 3 M 50-5926:13.98:27/M
24Christopher DymonWare MA53257 4 M 50-5926:27.18:32/M
25Giuseppe PerniciaroPalmer MA56934 4 M 30-3926:41.48:36/M
26Tara MinnsPalmer MA56229 1 F 20-2927:00.98:43/M
27Shannon DenaultChicopee MA66915 1 F 13-1927:08.18:45/M
28Dean BouderauPalmer MA66050 5 M 50-5927:18.48:48/M
29Joanne JaworekBrick NJ54235 1 F 30-3927:24.48:50/M
30James DemersWare MA51941 4 M 40-4927:27.98:51/M
31Timothy DunnChicopee MA53143 5 M 40-4927:28.98:52/M
32Harley DenersWare MA5984 2 M 1-1227:28.98:52/M
33Devin BedardPalmer MA49710 3 M 1-1227:30.48:52/M
34Beth Ann CurtisPalmer MA66541 2 F 40-4927:37.68:55/M
35Eduardo DiodonetHolyoke MA52642 6 M 40-4927:44.98:57/M
36Nick MurrayPalmer MA56619 4 M 13-1927:48.48:58/M
37Richard BigelowPalmer MA49945 7 M 40-4927:49.48:58/M
38Peter LurgioWestfield MA55441 8 M 40-4928:14.19:06/M
39Mike HessPalmer MA65536 5 M 30-3928:19.19:08/M
40Rhonda CostaPalmer MA51642 3 F 40-4928:26.19:10/M
41Sonia MacDonaldLongmeadow MA55631 2 F 30-3928:30.99:12/M
42Eric HofmanJersey City NJ59241 9 M 40-4928:32.19:12/M
43Victoria RobertsPalmer MA57422 2 F 20-2928:36.69:14/M
44Kara MurrayFeeding Hills MA56542 4 F 40-4928:57.49:20/M
45Tracy PobiegloThree Rivers MA57129 3 F 20-2929:12.49:25/M
46Olivia MurrayPalmer MA56715 2 F 13-1929:12.99:25/M
47Bob MassaroChicopee MA59469 2 M 60-6929:23.19:29/M
48Sonia LeecockPalmer MA54854 2 F 50-5929:29.99:31/M
49Paul BurhePalmer MA67850 6 M 50-5929:35.69:33/M
50Owen DonohueHolyoke MA59354 7 M 50-5929:46.69:36/M
51Joan MartinelliSandwich MA67555 3 F 50-5929:46.99:36/M
52Sean GuimondWare MA53637 6 M 30-3929:59.49:40/M
53Allison GoldsniderCoventry CT60039 3 F 30-3930:10.69:44/M
54John JordanPalmer MA54445 10 M 40-4930:10.99:44/M
55Chelsea HaratyThree Rivers MA53720 4 F 20-2930:15.69:45/M
56Gwendolyn LevineBrimfield MA55035 4 F 30-3930:34.19:52/M
57Tazia ZwyrblaPalmer MA58423 5 F 20-2930:47.49:56/M
58Dick OsgoodFeeding Hills MA58775 1 M 70-9930:57.49:59/M
59Catelin PobiegioThree Rivers MA66619 3 F 13-1931:00.110:00/M
60Diana Bean.49642 5 F 40-4931:23.910:07/M
61Robin SchattgenPalmer MA57647 6 F 40-4931:43.410:14/M
62Rachel ZajchowskiPalmer MA64616 4 F 13-1931:59.410:19/M
63Damon JonesSpringfield MA63727 2 M 20-2932:10.610:23/M
64Matthew MarciniecBondsville MA55825 3 M 20-2932:18.410:25/M
65Michelle PaulPalmer MA60739 5 F 30-3932:30.410:29/M
66Daniel BlaisHampden MA50043 11 M 40-4932:42.410:33/M
67Alyssa WoodPalmer MA58010 1 F 1-1232:43.110:33/M
68Emma MartinPalmer MA58811 2 F 1-1232:43.910:33/M
69Hannah SearlesNewton MA57716 5 F 13-1932:44.910:34/M
70Elyssa DenaultPalmer MA52014 6 F 13-1932:48.910:35/M
71Deanna MegaPalmer MA56138 6 F 30-3932:51.610:36/M
72Daniell Pioggia.60631 7 F 30-3932:53.410:36/M
73Liz Smith-ZajchowskiPalmer MA57935 8 F 30-3933:03.910:40/M
74Molly BurkePalmer MA51019 7 F 13-1933:05.610:40/M
75Christine Jaworek-Lopes.54342 7 F 40-4933:15.610:44/M
76Christine BigelowPalmer MA49841 8 F 40-4933:17.910:44/M
77Maria ForestMonson MA53343 9 F 40-4933:18.410:45/M
78Joseph PobiegloPalmer MA58630 7 M 30-3933:27.610:47/M
79Joy BurkePalmer MA50746 10 F 40-4933:40.910:52/M
80Anne DesantisPalmer MA52243 11 F 40-4934:20.111:05/M
81Scott DesantisPalmer MA52444 12 M 40-4934:20.611:05/M
82Denote ChamberPalmer MA68236 9 F 30-3935:03.411:18/M
83Gabby LukasPalmer MA55314 8 F 13-1935:43.111:31/M
84Deborah LukasPalmer MA55243 12 F 40-4935:43.111:31/M
85Bob McCloskeyPalmer MA58543 13 M 40-4935:47.911:33/M
86Hannah DugganPalmer MA5299 3 F 1-1237:15.112:01/M
87James DugganPalmer MA53041 14 M 40-4937:15.112:01/M
88Michelle MacPhailHampden MA55741 13 F 40-4938:16.412:21/M
89Tim BurkePalmer MA50646 15 M 40-4938:34.412:26/M
90Julianne HessPalmer MA53812 4 F 1-1239:14.912:39/M
91Karrin RimboldPalmer MA66211 5 F 1-1239:15.612:40/M
92Ethan RobertsPalmer MA67910 4 M 1-1239:30.112:45/M
93Brandyn CostaPalmer MA51710 5 M 1-1239:30.412:45/M
94Jalen CortinaPalmer MA51410 6 M 1-1239:30.912:45/M
95Ryan DesantisPalmer MA5239 7 M 1-1240:00.112:54/M
96Shannon DavisPalmer MA51813 9 F 13-1940:12.412:58/M
97Monica RochePalmer MA59913 10 F 13-1940:12.612:58/M
98Richie MartinPalmer MA58910 8 M 1-1240:15.912:59/M
99Karen KozlikPalmer MA54543 14 F 40-4940:44.613:08/M
100Cassie LebelThree Rivers MA54713 11 F 13-1940:50.613:10/M
101Brianna LonoriniPalmer MA67012 6 F 1-1240:50.913:10/M
102Madison PaulPalmer MA62413 12 F 13-1941:09.913:16/M
103Michael RochePalmer MA68151 8 M 50-5941:25.613:22/M
104Susan RochePalmer MA68045 15 F 40-4941:26.113:22/M
105Diana FuentesSpringfield MA53446 16 F 40-4942:17.113:38/M
106Yesenia RiveraMA57235 10 F 30-3942:18.113:39/M
107Migdalys Sanchez.57532 11 F 30-3942:18.113:39/M
108Suzanne BrownMalden MA50527 6 F 20-2943:00.413:52/M
109Kenna McCloskeyPalmer MA56016 13 F 13-1943:27.414:01/M
110Hannah LisPalmer MA67212 7 F 1-1243:28.414:01/M
111Karlie BigelaPalmer MA59115 14 F 13-1943:30.114:02/M
112Bethany BedardPalmer MA59011 8 F 1-1243:35.414:04/M
113Sanessa CortinaPalmer MA51529 7 F 20-2945:00.114:31/M
114Bruce WoodPalmer MA58142 16 M 40-4946:20.414:57/M
115Tucker SikesBondsville MA5787 9 M 1-1246:48.115:06/M
116Amanda CharterWestfield MA51227 8 F 20-2946:49.115:06/M
117Catherine Bohling.50317 15 F 13-1946:56.615:08/M
118John Bohling.50250 9 M 50-5946:56.915:08/M
119Kim LoncriniPalmer MA67139 12 F 30-3947:57.615:28/M
120Kellie GalloPalmer MA53533 13 F 30-3947:57.915:28/M
121Isabel Bohling.50411 9 F 1-1251:16.616:32/M
122Patricia Bohling.50147 17 F 40-4951:18.916:33/M
123Olivia DesantisPalmer MA5258 10 F 1-1251:19.116:33/M
124Thomas MartinelliAgawam MA67687 2 M 70-9955:50.918:01/M
125Patricia PoehlerPalmer MA67357 4 F 50-5955:54.418:02/M
126Mary McNally.67760 1 F 60-6955:59.918:04/M

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