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Tory Row 5K

Cambridge, MA, June 3, 2012

[Overall Results | Overall Winners | Age Group Winners | Teams - Male | Teams - Female | Teams - Mixed ]

Teams - All Divisions

Tory Row 5K - 06/03/2012
Overall Results - All Divisions
NameNo.TimePaceSexTeam Div
1.THEY SAID GO, SO WE RANTotal Time: 1:11:23
1Patrick Bazinet2517:195:35 MMale
2Adam Jones55317:505:45 MMale
3Ian Rea42118:045:50 MMale
4Paul Olson37718:085:51 MMale
2.GURLBRAVOTotal Time: 1:15:05
1Jonathan Neumann36117:265:37 MMale
2Ryan Graf18217:325:39 MMale
3Gregory Goodwin17519:596:26 MMale
4Anston Bosman55720:086:29 MMale
3.HARVARD MED/DENTALTotal Time: 1:15:13
1Bo Wang50917:135:33 MMixed
2Elizabeth Eve14218:295:58 FMixed
3Wes Brown5819:166:13 MMixed
4Laura Huppert22820:146:31 FMixed
4.GURLTotal Time: 1:15:42
1Dennis Hong21617:585:48 MMale
2Dylan Carney7218:235:56 MMale
3Dante Ramos41819:296:17 MMale
4Ryan Smith46619:506:24 MMale
1Brian Klein25917:245:37 MMixed
2John Hadcock18620:026:27 MMixed
3Kim Coughlan9621:416:59 FMixed
4Sara Lund29721:457:01 FMixed
6.SPICY KALE CHIPSTotal Time: 1:21:33
1Kaitlin Anelauskas817:585:48 FFemale
2Kimberly Mikesh34120:386:39 FFemale
3Julia Chabrier7621:036:47 FFemale
4Claire Wallace50621:537:03 FFemale
7.TEAM TORY ROWTotal Time: 1:21:46
1Ian Nurse36816:245:17 MMale
2Matthew Curtis10120:596:46 MMale
3John O'riordan38021:336:57 MMale
4Patrick Joyce23722:497:21 MMale
8.NACHO LADIESTotal Time: 1:23:53
1Kaitlyn O'brien37020:036:28 FFemale
2Lauren Caputo7020:546:44 FFemale
3Jennifer Buchanan6221:216:53 FFemale
4Anne London29221:336:57 FFemale
1Frank Klemovitch26017:455:43 MMale
2Jason Schaffer44518:426:02 MMale
3Christopher Mullen35122:537:23 MMale
4John Gallagher16125:298:13 MMale
10.CICTotal Time: 1:30:31
1Matt Nelson35920:196:33 MMixed
2Adam Scipione45020:506:43 MMixed
3Natalie Lam27322:327:16 FMixed
4Catherine Mooney34626:488:38 FMixed
11.FRESH STRAWBERRIESTotal Time: 1:31:17
1Courtney Kincaid25621:447:00 FMixed
2Justin Fitzgerald56422:487:21 MMixed
3Bridgette Closter8623:137:29 FMixed
4Kevin Kincaid25723:307:35 MMixed
12.TEAM HOSTELTotal Time: 1:31:40
1Kelsey Lebuffe27720:226:34 FFemale
2Sara Debrule11023:237:32 FFemale
3Audrey Gillis16723:287:34 FFemale
4Eve Wesson51824:247:52 FFemale
13.MINI CUPCAKESTotal Time: 1:31:42
1Jamie Lefkowitz28021:477:01 FFemale
2Denise Morales34722:237:13 FFemale
3Ashley Dezen12222:377:17 FFemale
4Megan Foley15424:538:01 FFemale
14.MEN IN TIGHTSTotal Time: 1:32:00
1John Kelleher25019:366:19 MMale
2Sebastian Neumayer36221:386:58 MMale
3Jules Martowski32124:407:57 MMale
4Steven Trevathan49226:048:24 MMale
15.POPLAR ROAD RUNNERSTotal Time: 1:34:30
1Patrick Bugbee6519:316:18 MMixed
2Elizabeth Utz49721:116:50 FMixed
3Joe Arthur1122:507:22 MMixed
4Manju Gokhale17330:579:58 FMixed
16.CAPTAIN RUNDERPANTSTotal Time: 1:36:02
1Kristin Morris34921:396:59 FFemale
2Krista Mcdowell33423:287:34 FFemale
3Carrie Mallozzi31324:427:58 FFemale
4Kristina Buenafe6426:128:27 FFemale
17.THE RUNNING TAPSTotal Time: 1:37:13
1Elizabeth Seppa45422:427:19 FMixed
2Paul Lyons30123:087:27 MMixed
3Katherine Seppa45523:097:28 FMixed
4Geoffrey Bagshaw1328:139:06 MMixed
18.TEAM CAMBRIDGE, 1.Total Time: 1:39:29
1Daniel Villar50421:527:03 MMixed
2Robert Gray18322:517:22 MMixed
3Megan Malarkey31224:107:47 FMixed
4Joanna Karbel24530:369:52 FMixed
19.HOTEL VERITASTotal Time: 1:39:55
1Alison Doughty13222:077:08 FMixed
2Benson Willis52924:387:56 MMixed
3Nicole Donnelly12826:348:34 FMixed
4Daniel Avery1226:358:34 MMixed
1Brandon Cunningham9822:587:24 MMale
2Edward Campanella6723:447:39 MMale
3Erik Labuza27023:597:44 MMale
4Jack Berardinelli3130:359:51 MMale
21.BANTAMTotal Time: 1:42:57
1Brad Blake4120:116:30 MMale
2Paul Mcauliffe32525:588:22 MMale
3Katie Neff35828:239:09 FMale
4Allen Gove18128:249:09 MMale
22.SWEET FEETTotal Time: 1:44:17
1Kimberly Ching8123:027:26 FFemale
2Susan Mccarron32625:008:04 FFemale
3Natalie Mokohonuk34425:188:09 FFemale
4Kerry Robert42830:559:58 FFemale
23.TEAM HONEY BADGERTotal Time: 1:45:23
1Scott Goldstein17422:347:17 MMixed
2Jon Lee27924:107:47 MMixed
3Marissa Witkowski53225:358:15 FMixed
4Erin Hauck19733:0310:39 FMixed
24.RUNFRIENDSTotal Time: 1:45:33
1Caelainn Bochacki4322:297:15 FMixed
2Adriana Levitt28425:168:09 FMixed
3Peter Levitt28528:129:05 MMixed
4Mary Gerard16629:359:32 FMixed
25.SURLY JACKALSTotal Time: 1:46:09
1Adrian Cove9724:067:46 MMixed
2Carrie-Anne Dedeo11125:398:16 FMixed
3Mark Paskowsky38928:019:02 MMixed
4Laurie Forcier15528:229:08 FMixed
26.2012 - 1972 = 40Total Time: 1:47:16
1Quam Nghiem17223:267:33 FMixed
2Justin Bakule1524:287:53 MMixed
3Sarah Hall18828:509:17 FMixed
4Aurelie Cordier9430:319:50 FMixed
27.MOLLY AND THE RUNNERSTotal Time: 1:47:27
1Jue Wang51020:336:37 MMixed
2Zach Arnold1028:499:17 MMixed
3Reed Gochberg17029:029:21 FMixed
4Molly Wasser51329:039:22 FMixed
28.THE BOOBY TRAPSTotal Time: 1:50:57
1Kevin Laska27523:347:36 MMixed
2Greg Hearn19826:148:27 MMixed
3Erin Vierstra50227:448:56 FMixed
4Caitlin Reeves42433:2410:46 FMixed
29.TEAM PASSIMTotal Time: 1:51:36
1Patrick Coman8920:456:41 MMixed
2Mallory Coppenrath9324:237:52 FMixed
3Eva Rosenberg43332:2310:26 FMixed
4Abbey Harlow19434:0210:58 FMixed
1Alex Macdonald30621:487:02 MMixed
2Abigail Herman20426:448:37 FMixed
3Elle Litwinetz29131:4110:13 FMixed
4Jessica Bourne5132:2510:27 FMixed
31.DIG BOSTON/BANTAM CIDERTotal Time: 1:55:17
1Scott Murry35525:268:12 MMixed
2Nellie Sweet48227:258:50 FMixed
3Heather Vandenengel49828:569:19 FMixed
4Hilary Hughes22733:2810:47 FMixed
32.MAC & CHEESE & PEASTotal Time: 1:58:26
1Amy Sinclair46327:338:53 FFemale
2Tracy Phelan39928:099:04 FFemale
3Shaina Druy13730:429:54 FFemale
4Jackie Emilo14132:0110:19 FFemale
33.THRIFTYTotal Time: 1:58:37
1Justin Schaefer44425:508:20 MMixed
2Janet Schaefer44327:148:47 FMixed
3Alison Egan14031:1210:03 FMixed
4Cathleen Hartnett19634:1911:03 FMixed
34.LAST PLACE DRINKSTotal Time: 2:01:44
1Vicki Blohm4221:216:53 FMixed
2Meghna Swamy48129:039:22 FMixed
3Lee Powers40535:3911:29 MMixed
4Amy Reese55835:3911:29 FMixed
35.BANTAM TWINKLE TOESTotal Time: 2:02:01
1Raquel Dasilva10726:508:39 FFemale
2Christine O'dell55429:399:33 FFemale
3Leslie Reilly55932:0910:21 FFemale
4Megan Anderson56133:2110:45 FFemale
36.SLOW LORISTotal Time: 2:03:19
1Leah Horgan22029:539:38 FMixed
2Dina Grossman18429:589:39 FMixed
3Iman Sen45330:559:58 MMixed
4Mary Ann Bates2332:3110:29 FMixed
37.TEAM AWESOMETotal Time: 2:06:15
1Jennifer Dunn13928:249:09 FMixed
2Kelly Meehan33731:3210:09 FMixed
3Justin Basque2131:3210:10 MMixed
4Danielle Poulin40334:4611:12 FMixed
38.TEAM PENGUINSTotal Time: 2:07:22
1Jeffrey Wong53529:119:24 MMixed
2Shirley Wong53631:0710:02 FMixed
3Kathy Chou8332:3410:30 FMixed
4Ruff Into23134:2811:06 MMixed
39.ROCK HOPPERSTotal Time: 2:08:46
1James Cusack10224:317:54 MMixed
2Julia Shivers46130:119:44 FMixed
3Juliana Cusack10436:4711:51 FMixed
4Grey Cusack10337:1612:00 FMixed
40.STROLLING THUNDERTotal Time: 2:10:04
1Disty Pearson39028:009:01 FMixed
2Chuck Dresner13631:1810:05 MMixed
3Sally Mcelroy33534:1111:01 FMixed
4Phil Zuckerman54536:3311:47 MMixed
41.RIVER PRINCESSTotal Time: 2:30:09
1Janeann Fisher14936:4511:51 FFemale
2Cynthia Terwilliger48836:4611:51 FFemale
3Emily Kimbrough25538:1712:20 FFemale
4Jenny Prugnarola41038:1912:21 FFemale

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