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Strides for Education 5K Walk/Run at Tropicanna Field

St Petersburg, FL, December 8, 2012

[5K Overall Results ]

5K Age Group Results

Top Males Overall in 5K division.
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1976JAMES COOK17:40.75:42271 Overall Male
Top Females Overall in 5K division.
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1415KATIE ARTGOSINGER21:59.87:05301 Overall Female
Male 14 and Under in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1978JARED MCFADDEN19:37.96:20131 M-1 to 14
2123AUSTIN SIMMONS21:21.66:5314LARGO2 M-1 to 14
311TREY LEARY23:32.87:3512ST PETERSBURG3 M-1 to 14
4361CAMDEN GEORGE24:10.87:4811PINELLAS PARK4 M-1 to 14
553DALTON NORDQUIST24:23.47:5212ST PETERSBURG5 M-1 to 14
61588LAZARO RODRIGUEZ25:57.38:22136 M-1 to 14
723MAXWELL DAVID28:52.39:1912CLEARWATER7 M-1 to 14
81589IVAN RODRIGUEZ29:27.89:30148 M-1 to 14
9331ALEX MOOREHEAD37:39.312:098SEMINOLE9 M-1 to 14
10378TIMOTHY NICHOLS 341:21.813:2012ZEPHYRHILLS10 M-1 to 14
11905MISHA ROWE41:50.313:301311 M-1 to 14
12468PETER DAVIS46:37.515:0210PALM HARBOR12 M-1 to 14
13148ANTHONY RUFFIN50:12.416:1213PINELLAS PARK13 M-1 to 14
141538NATHAN WISHEN52:17.316:521414 M-1 to 14
151534MATTHEW BARNETT52:17.916:521415 M-1 to 14
1648JONATHAN SAWOSCINSKI55:00.317:4511HUDSON16 M-1 to 14
Male 15 - 19 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
11553ORTIZ FLOWERS20:32.06:37151 M-15 to 19
21527DAVION TEAHEARTT21:33.36:57172 M-15 to 19
31536ANTHONY GREGO23:52.97:42193 M-15 to 19
41529DEVON FORD27:56.89:01184 M-15 to 19
5466KURT SCHUCH29:11.69:2515SAINT PETERSBURG5 M-15 to 19
61544ISIAH PARFAIT32:40.810:32156 M-15 to 19
71545ISAAC PARFAIT32:42.410:33157 M-15 to 19
8211COREY LOSTRAGLIO33:19.410:4518LARGO8 M-15 to 19
9351JOHN WIGGINS35:05.811:1915WESLEY CHAPEL9 M-15 to 19
101522OLDMIDE AJAYI35:10.111:211510 M-15 to 19
11474KYLE MCDOWELL49:55.516:0617NEW PORT RICHEY11 M-15 to 19
121539MATTHEW WISHON52:16.616:521712 M-15 to 19
141590AUSTIN SHEARER54:36.217:371614 M-15 to 19
Male 20 - 24 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1261GUSTAVO RIVERO34:06.911:0022TAMPA1 M-20 to 24
2262ALEJANDRO PEREZ34:07.211:0022TAMPA2 M-20 to 24
3337WILLIE MONROE57:45.018:3823LUTZ3 M-20 to 24
Male 25 - 29 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
117BRIAN CALDER17:50.15:4527LARGO1 M-25 to 29
2393BRENDAN CHRIST24:04.27:4629ST PETERSBURG2 M-25 to 29
310CHRIS EDWARDS24:26.47:5327CLEARWATER3 M-25 to 29
5373ANDREW SHERMAN27:30.68:5226ST PETERSBURG5 M-25 to 29
6239KEVIN CHAMBERS28:25.29:1025PALM HARBOR6 M-25 to 29
7104ANDREW LASHER28:28.09:1125ST PETERSBURG7 M-25 to 29
8981DREW WEATHERFORD32:40.810:32278 M-25 to 29
9347DOMINIC PICI32:53.510:3627LARGO9 M-25 to 29
10928TYLER KEEGAN51:31.016:372510 M-25 to 29
11284ANDREW SLIFKIN53:22.817:1325LARGO11 M-25 to 29
12304JEREMY ELLIS53:24.417:1427CLEARWATER12 M-25 to 29
13264KYLE NEFF53:25.617:1425ST PETERSBURG13 M-25 to 29
141502JASON PEREZ00:16.019:2628BELLEAIR BEACH14 M-25 to 29
Male 30 - 34 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1460CHRISTOPHER TURNER17:42.15:4331GULFPORT1 M-30 to 34
2968CURTIS WOODARD17:45.15:44302 M-30 to 34
3438RICHARD CHAZAL23:15.47:3031TAMPA3 M-30 to 34
4436GERALD FRAZIER25:14.98:0832SEMINOLE4 M-30 to 34
5492MIKE KEITHY29:24.69:29325 M-30 to 34
6271ALAN PARMENTER29:54.29:3932NEW PORT RICHEY6 M-30 to 34
773GEORGE REGATEIRO31:34.010:1131PORT RICHEY7 M-30 to 34
8467LANCE LATIMER32:03.110:2033ST PETERSBURG8 M-30 to 34
91579JONATHON WILLIAMS32:03.410:20339 M-30 to 34
1084EVAN BRANNON33:10.010:4230SAINT PETERSBURG10 M-30 to 34
11236JON-PAUL FEGAN39:40.012:4831ST PETERSBURG11 M-30 to 34
12276JARED PEREZ55:13.317:4932BELLEAIR BEACH12 M-30 to 34
13384CHRIS BORG59:11.219:0532PARRISH13 M-30 to 34
14375JON DEAROLF59:14.419:0633LAND O LAKES14 M-30 to 34
Male 35 - 39 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1396JASON WILLIAMS22:41.87:1937SAINT PETERSBURG1 M-35 to 39
21547JUSTIN BEVENS23:05.97:27352 M-35 to 39
3987MARK SHERIDAN23:59.97:44363 M-35 to 39
4212BENJAMIN GIDDINGS24:00.67:4535LARGO4 M-35 to 39
51374NATHAN RODEWALD25:17.88:0938CLEARWATER5 M-35 to 39
6407ERIC BATSTONE25:31.08:1437PALM HARBOR6 M-35 to 39
7405BILL HANCOCK27:54.89:0038LAKELAND7 M-35 to 39
8319GARY STRAIT28:45.29:1637PINELLAS PARK8 M-35 to 39
9159MAURICE VAN ZOOLINGEN28:52.09:1938SEMINOLE9 M-35 to 39
101548FREDERICK BRADLEY31:14.710:053810 M-35 to 39
11136ROBERT LOUGH35:05.211:1938LARGO11 M-35 to 39
12447BENJAMIN BOEHM35:54.511:3536TAMPA12 M-35 to 39
13330DAVID MOOREHEAD37:40.112:0938SEMINOLE13 M-35 to 39
14364TERRY HUTCHINGS37:51.112:1339SAINT PETERSBURG14 M-35 to 39
15380TIMOTHY NICHOLS JR.41:19.113:2035ZEPHYRHILLS15 M-35 to 39
16420CHRIS TOMPKINS45:57.414:4937SEMINOLE16 M-35 to 39
17357LOI THAI48:56.015:4735TAMPA17 M-35 to 39
18456ROBERT VICTOR50:08.716:1039ST PETERSBURG18 M-35 to 39
1947WALTER SAWOSCINSKI54:59.617:4436HUDSON19 M-35 to 39
2097ROMEYN SMITH56:55.818:2235LARGO20 M-35 to 39
Male 40 - 44 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
154BEN WRIGHT20:15.66:3241PALM HARBOR1 M-40 to 44
2202JOSE GODOY23:10.67:2842ST PETERSBURG2 M-40 to 44
3389ROBERT BLUME29:25.79:2941ST PETERSBURG3 M-40 to 44
4134DAVID KOPERSKI30:48.69:5643ST PETERSBURG4 M-40 to 44
5985MICHAEL DONAFER31:21.310:07415 M-40 to 44
6984ROBERT DONAHER31:29.110:09426 M-40 to 44
71566DEMORRIS LEE33:31.310:49447 M-40 to 44
880CRAIG MARKS34:15.711:0340SAINT PETERSBURG8 M-40 to 44
9916RAFAEL ALANSO36:52.211:54429 M-40 to 44
10127MARK COFFEY36:58.211:5543BRANDON10 M-40 to 44
11418RICHARD ANDERSON42:12.713:3740PINELLAS PARK11 M-40 to 44
12131CHRIS LOSTRAGLIO46:23.414:5844LARGO12 M-40 to 44
13233PHIL PUZZANCHERA54:23.417:3344SARASOTA13 M-40 to 44
Male 45 - 49 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1493CARL LEWIS20:12.66:31471 M-45 to 49
2172RON RODRIGUEZ21:11.66:5046LAND O LAKES2 M-45 to 49
3417RAYMOND HODORSKI25:00.78:0445LAND O' LAKES3 M-45 to 49
4986JAMES DONAHER26:33.18:34464 M-45 to 49
5110CHRIS HIEBER27:00.18:4345TAMPA5 M-45 to 49
6977PAUL DONAHER29:04.29:23486 M-45 to 49
7975RONNIE THOMPSON29:47.89:36467 M-45 to 49
8932ANNE PAPPAS30:30.89:50468 M-45 to 49
91537CHRIS TOMPKINS31:01.510:00459 M-45 to 49
10942STAN MILLER32:36.210:314710 M-45 to 49
11245R DAVID PAINE35:43.811:3147ST PETERSBURG11 M-45 to 49
12300TONY CUDA46:24.014:5845LARGO12 M-45 to 49
13240RHETT WILSON48:50.515:4546ST PETERSBURG13 M-45 to 49
14475DON MCDOWELL49:55.616:0648NEW PORT RICHEY14 M-45 to 49
15206RALPH LAIR53:01.417:0648ZEPHYRHILLS15 M-45 to 49
16290DARRYL SALLEY55:27.117:5347ST PETERSBURG16 M-45 to 49
Male 50 - 54 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1988RICH DONAHER24:40.97:57511 M-50 to 54
2385JIM MYERS27:36.48:5454TREASURE ISLAND2 M-50 to 54
3432KEVIN SMITH27:57.49:0151TARPON SPRINGS3 M-50 to 54
429DAVID DUSSEAULT28:19.19:0851ST PETERSBURG4 M-50 to 54
5266LES VAN HALL28:35.99:1354NEW PORT RICHEY5 M-50 to 54
61000MATT PAPPAS30:30.99:50506 M-50 to 54
7298JEFFREY WALKER30:58.29:5954TREASURE ISLAND7 M-50 to 54
8397DONALD CHEESEBREW32:13.210:2451PINELLAS PARK8 M-50 to 54
91530DALE FORD34:06.611:00509 M-50 to 54
10226SCOTT BARONE34:24.111:0653TREASURE ISLAND10 M-50 to 54
11208NICK GRASSO35:51.211:3453ST PETERSBURG11 M-50 to 54
12902STANLEY LEVY52:04.416:485012 M-50 to 54
13974MICHAEL BONERT53:25.717:145013 M-50 to 54
14929BRAD FINKBINER53:25.817:145214 M-50 to 54
15181TERRENCE KEANE55:28.017:5451SAINT PETERSBURG15 M-50 to 54
Male 55 - 59 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1495MIKE BARTHOLOMEW23:03.87:26551 M-55 to 59
2414STEVE ABELMAN23:15.37:30552 M-55 to 59
3344ROBERT SINIBALDI25:47.48:1955ST PETERSBURG3 M-55 to 59
4969WILLIE ROTH30:25.19:49564 M-55 to 59
599RANDALL LAY31:44.010:1458ST PETERSBURG5 M-55 to 59
6376ARCILOUS MINCEY32:19.010:2555ST PETERSBURG6 M-55 to 59
7195MICHAEL GREGO36:57.111:5555LARGO7 M-55 to 59
8435GEORGE S BERNARDICH38:17.112:2156TIERRA VERDE8 M-55 to 59
963BRAND SHANK49:16.715:5458PALM HARBOR9 M-55 to 59
10305CRAIG SHER51:59.816:4659ST PETE BEACH10 M-55 to 59
11326STEVE ALTHOFF53:05.917:0757ST PETERSBURG11 M-55 to 59
Male 60 - 64 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
11563DAN MCCLENATHAN22:23.47:13601 M-60 to 64
2367JOHN SLEASMAN25:27.68:1360SAINT PETERSBURG2 M-60 to 64
3295RON CIRANNA26:56.38:4161TAMPA3 M-60 to 64
4268ANDY CORTY34:05.910:5960ST PETERSBURG4 M-60 to 64
5365TOM HAIGHT44:16.014:1764ST PETERSBURG5 M-60 to 64
6328DAVID COHEN48:52.915:4660ST PETERSBURG6 M-60 to 64
7316LENNY ENGLANDER52:03.816:4760ST PETE BEACH7 M-60 to 64
8317JOE STERENSIS52:04.416:4860ST PETE BEACH8 M-60 to 64
971TERRY BOEHM54:42.817:3961LARGO9 M-60 to 64
10983GERALD HORTON59:12.619:066110 M-60 to 64
Male 65 - 69 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1401LEN DUPUIS26:52.68:4066LARGO1 M-65 to 69
2243PETER LEWIS32:55.510:3768PINELLAS PARK2 M-65 to 69
3494RICHARD KNIGHT44:27.914:20653 M-65 to 69
4353GREGG SPIETH54:04.617:2666TAMPA4 M-65 to 69
Male 70 and Over in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1370JACK JACOBS29:29.09:3173BRADENTON1 M-70 to 98
2124BILL WELCH39:23.712:4275SARASOTA2 M-70 to 98
3275JOE PEREZ55:13.217:4979BELLEAIR BEACH3 M-70 to 98
Male Unknown in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1422DALLAS TOMPKINS35:38.311:3099SEMINOLE1 M-99 to 99
2294CORY JONES43:20.713:5999DUNEDIN2 M-99 to 99
3235JOEL ORTEGA ORTIZ49:36.216:0099ST PETERSBURG3 M-99 to 99
4973GABRIEL SOTO54:35.717:36994 M-99 to 99
Female 14 and Under in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1406HALEY NESTO23:41.07:3813ST PETE BCH1 F-1 to 14
2198JORDYN AVERS26:17.88:2913CLEARWATER2 F-1 to 14
333HANNAH MCAULIFFE28:24.59:1012ST PETE BEACH3 F-1 to 14
4273ABBY POLCE30:24.49:4812LARGO4 F-1 to 14
581JADE MARKS30:28.39:5011SAINT PETERSBURG5 F-1 to 14
6352MADDISON RYBA31:35.810:1113SAINT PETERSBURG6 F-1 to 14
7250ALYSSA MERRYMAN31:59.110:1913CLEARWATER7 F-1 to 14
8444ELIZABETH LEWIS34:39.011:1113TAMPA8 F-1 to 14
9248ALLYSON ATANASIO37:57.512:1513LARGO9 F-1 to 14
101546IMUNEG JOHNSON38:42.612:291410 F-1 to 14
111551NICOLE JAMES39:12.612:391111 F-1 to 14
12379LINDSEY NICHOLS41:37.013:2514ZEPHYRHILLS12 F-1 to 14
13903MEAGAN KEEGAN45:18.214:37813 F-1 to 14
14149ASHLEY RYAN52:57.617:0514CLEARWATER14 F-1 to 14
1524JADA BROWN53:25.517:1414CLEARWATER15 F-1 to 14
16166TAYTUM STOVALL54:08.817:2814ST PETERSBURG16 F-1 to 14
1774HALIE CIRCELLI55:15.417:4914NEW PORT RICHEY17 F-1 to 14
1876ALEXUS JAMES55:16.317:5014NEW PORT RICHEY18 F-1 to 14
19461TRINITY PREVOST56:38.218:16819 F-1 to 14
20144KATHY ALLEN57:23.618:3114NEW PORT RICHEY20 F-1 to 14
21333EMILY GRAF58:10.418:468ST PETERSBURG21 F-1 to 14
22334ALISON GRAF58:11.318:4610ST PETERSBURG22 F-1 to 14
Female 15 - 19 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1374KELSEY THOMPSON27:17.88:4817SEMINOLE1 F-15 to 19
2441NHI DO29:51.49:3819PINELLAS PARK2 F-15 to 19
3371SARAH DONNELLY31:57.610:1818ST PETERSBURG3 F-15 to 19
4210AMANDA LOSTRAGLIO34:06.111:0015LARGO4 F-15 to 19
5487MARISSA TYLER35:33.611:2815WESLEY CHAPEL5 F-15 to 19
6980LAUREN COHEN38:24.712:23176 F-15 to 19
71525DANIELLA RUSSELL41:15.713:18177 F-15 to 19
8285AUTUMN WENDELL41:20.013:2018SARASOTA8 F-15 to 19
9232DANIELLE PUZZANCHERA41:23.313:2118SARASOTA9 F-15 to 19
10377CHRISTIAN NICHOLS41:37.113:2515ZEPHYRHILLS10 F-15 to 19
111573JENNA TRIOSO41:54.313:311711 F-15 to 19
12965CHRISTINA BELL43:09.513:551712 F-15 to 19
13966RONSHA BROWN43:09.913:551713 F-15 to 19
14498TMMAI ANDERSON44:06.014:141814 F-15 to 19
15150NICOLE FERRER49:52.416:0518CLEARWATER15 F-15 to 19
16473ANNA NIZNIK49:59.616:0715LAND O' LAKES16 F-15 to 19
17117SIERRA PASSMORE52:49.917:0216DADE CITY17 F-15 to 19
18440ARIEL MAYES52:59.817:0518ST PETERSBURG18 F-15 to 19
19439SHARELL KEYS53:00.017:0618ST PETERSBURG19 F-15 to 19
201574RAVEN BARREZUETA53:11.617:091720 F-15 to 19
21224LAUREN PUZZANCHERA53:55.117:2416SARASOTA21 F-15 to 19
22489SHERRON FONTES54:37.717:3717ODESSA22 F-15 to 19
2349AUDREY SAWOSCINSKI54:58.817:4416HUDSON23 F-15 to 19
2446LORENA SAWOSCINSKI54:58.817:4416HUDSON24 F-15 to 19
2550DESERE SAWOSCINSKI54:59.517:4416HUDSON25 F-15 to 19
2645AMY MILLIKEN55:23.617:5217CLEARWATER26 F-15 to 19
2755MADISON DEAN-FALKIEWICZ57:25.018:3115PORT RICHEY27 F-15 to 19
Female 20 - 24 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1292MEGAN EHRHARDT26:34.08:3424ST PETERSBURG1 F-20 to 24
2458MADELINE WALDEN28:17.79:0720CLEARWATER2 F-20 to 24
3105TIERRA BONSER28:24.59:1022SARASOTA3 F-20 to 24
4216KRYSTAL YATES29:02.19:2224TARPON SPRINGS4 F-20 to 24
5471KATIE GAVIN29:23.89:29245 F-20 to 24
6402CALLY LANNING32:36.310:3124SAINT PETERSBURG6 F-20 to 24
731ANDREA COOK32:37.110:3124DUNEDIN7 F-20 to 24
8982MORGAN GRIFFIN32:41.710:33238 F-20 to 24
9258LISANDRA FREIJOSO36:54.411:5424TAMPA9 F-20 to 24
10455KRISTIE BEDNAR36:58.111:5522SAINT PETERSBURG10 F-20 to 24
11392LAUREN LOPEZ39:19.412:4124CLEARWATER11 F-20 to 24
1286KATIE SWANGO48:13.215:3322ST PETE12 F-20 to 24
13112KATARINA CAN52:50.917:0323OLDSMAR13 F-20 to 24
14114THU CAN52:51.217:0322LARGO14 F-20 to 24
15283KATIE KOLENICH53:21.417:1323LARGO15 F-20 to 24
16323KAITLIN PAINTER53:25.617:1420TAMPA16 F-20 to 24
17360DALILA GRANADOS53:25.917:1424CLEARWATER17 F-20 to 24
18991LAUREN THOMPSON53:38.917:182318 F-20 to 24
1912ASHLEY KRAUS55:42.517:5822LARGO19 F-20 to 24
Female 25 - 29 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1448ALIZA BLOOM26:12.68:2729TAMPA1 F-25 to 29
2430KATIE TAWNEY28:03.29:0325ST PETERSBURG2 F-25 to 29
382MAKRA BRANNON28:52.49:1929SAINT PETERSBURG3 F-25 to 29
483JANINE AYLWARD28:57.69:2029SAINT PETERSBURG4 F-25 to 29
5425SUSAN HAGERTY30:23.39:4828SEMINOLE5 F-25 to 29
6237KATIE ALONGI30:24.79:4825PALM HARBOR6 F-25 to 29
7299AMANDA WALKER30:58.19:5925TREASURE ISLAND7 F-25 to 29
8162REBECCA BUIDENS32:54.210:3728CLEARWATER8 F-25 to 29
9931ALISON SCHELLENBACH34:24.811:06289 F-25 to 29
10164JESSICA LEWICKE35:25.111:2528CLEARWATER10 F-25 to 29
111869MELISSA CALDER35:46.611:3225LARGO11 F-25 to 29
12215KRISTEN VAN SKIVER37:13.612:0029LAND O LAKES12 F-25 to 29
13133MANDY LEVY40:06.812:5626PINELLAS PARK13 F-25 to 29
1416JAMIE HANSON41:26.313:2229LARGO14 F-25 to 29
15293CAITLIN JONES43:21.413:5925DUNEDIN15 F-25 to 29
16442VIRGINIA RICE48:12.715:3325TAMPA16 F-25 to 29
17400ERIN GEORGIA49:04.215:5026PINELLAS PARK17 F-25 to 29
18116ELIZABETH JOHNSON49:41.016:0228ST PETERSBURG18 F-25 to 29
19111FERYAL HALEF52:50.017:0328PALM HARBOR19 F-25 to 29
20113ELISABETH CAN52:51.317:0329OLDSMAR20 F-25 to 29
2136MISSY CONDIT53:40.717:1925SPRING HILL21 F-25 to 29
22465ABBY STERENSIS54:24.817:3329PINELLAS PARK22 F-25 to 29
23147LYNSEY TURNER54:31.817:3529CLEARWATER23 F-25 to 29
24102CIARA WILLIAMS55:23.517:5226DUNEDIN24 F-25 to 29
25190BELINDA TURNER55:40.717:5725SAINT PETERSBURG25 F-25 to 29
Female 30 - 34 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1979LINDSEY METZLER24:40.07:57311 F-30 to 34
21533LEIGH HUGHES25:04.48:05332 F-30 to 34
370TARA DEARY25:32.38:1432SAINT PETERSBURG3 F-30 to 34
4286DIANNA MILLS26:07.18:2530ST PETE4 F-30 to 34
58AMY THOMAS26:35.78:3531ST PETERSBURG5 F-30 to 34
6229COLLEEN QUINN26:49.48:3932SEMINOLE6 F-30 to 34
715VALERIE CLAUS29:25.79:2933ST PETERSBURG7 F-30 to 34
8270KRISTIN PARMENTER29:54.19:3931NEW PORT RICHEY8 F-30 to 34
977KRISTIN OATES30:01.49:4132NEW PORT RICHEY9 F-30 to 34
10135KATIE THOMPSON30:48.59:5632ST PETERSBURG10 F-30 to 34
11100ASHLEY LAY31:44.110:1430ST PETERSBURG11 F-30 to 34
12291LORI CELLI32:27.410:2833SAINT PETERSBURG12 F-30 to 34
1366ALISON BLANCO34:35.311:0933SEMINOLE13 F-30 to 34
14366AMY DAVIS34:52.411:1533ST PETERSBURG14 F-30 to 34
15355KIM THAI36:09.911:4034TAMPA15 F-30 to 34
1660HEATHER WARNER-DUBIN36:56.411:5534ST PETE BEACH16 F-30 to 34
1772ANGELA REGATEIRO37:13.712:0030PORT RICHEY17 F-30 to 34
18160MICHELLE ANDERSON37:54.912:1434PALM HARBOR18 F-30 to 34
191371JAMIE DONNELLY38:03.212:1631TARPON SPRINGS19 F-30 to 34
2075LINDSEY WEGNER38:52.812:3231CLEARWATER20 F-30 to 34
21259YELENA SOMOHANO39:23.212:4231TAMPA21 F-30 to 34
22449MELISSA DONLEY39:57.612:5330ST PETERSBURG22 F-30 to 34
23197MELINDA CARNEY40:27.113:0331GULFPORT23 F-30 to 34
24143HEIDI PARKER41:49.913:2931CLEARWATER24 F-30 to 34
251513LAISHA DALEY44:55.314:2932TARPON SPRINGS25 F-30 to 34
26183LISA CUNNINGHAM45:10.114:3433TAMPA26 F-30 to 34
27990KEISHA PATRICK48:57.015:473427 F-30 to 34
2889KIMBERLY CRAN51:21.316:3432HOLIDAY28 F-30 to 34
29480TIFFANY FAIRCLOTH51:24.816:3531TAMPA29 F-30 to 34
30363KARLA LUECKE51:44.416:4133TARPON SPRINGS30 F-30 to 34
3120BETSY SUMMERLEE54:21.117:3233SARASOTA31 F-30 to 34
32277HEATHER FESNAK-PEREZ55:13.417:4933BELLEAIR BEACH32 F-30 to 34
332KARLA JASEN55:23.117:5231TAMPA33 F-30 to 34
343DANIELLE FLYNN55:24.217:5232SAINT PETERSBURG34 F-30 to 34
35189CHAKA WOOTEN55:39.417:5732SAINT PETERSBURG35 F-30 to 34
36193TAMIKA MCDONALD55:39.717:5731SAINT PETERSBURG36 F-30 to 34
37191VANESSA MILLER55:41.817:5830SAINT PETERSBURG37 F-30 to 34
38141ASHLEY FIELDLY56:22.018:1132PORT RICHEY38 F-30 to 34
39391LESLIE CAROLEO57:53.218:4032WESLEY CHAPEL39 F-30 to 34
40368STEPHANIE HAMELYNCK58:05.518:4434CLEARWATER40 F-30 to 34
41173ERIKA MILLER59:13.619:0632ST PETERSBURG41 F-30 to 34
42281HEATHER MCELIGOT59:14.419:0632PINELLAS PARK42 F-30 to 34
43383TASHA BORG59:21.919:0933PARRISH43 F-30 to 34
Female 35 - 39 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1348CATHY COLLINS22:32.87:1635ST PETERSBURG1 F-35 to 39
21528JENNIFER VOLPE26:58.18:42352 F-35 to 39
35ALICIA PREVOST29:56.69:3937ST PETERSBURG3 F-35 to 39
4201ANGELA WEISBERG32:32.810:3038PALM HARBOR4 F-35 to 39
5263CATHY SMITH35:02.511:1837ST PETERSBURG5 F-35 to 39
6140ERIN WEINGART35:49.311:3337SEMINOLE6 F-35 to 39
7217NICOLE SARRIS36:06.211:3939TARPON SPRINGS7 F-35 to 39
8346TAMBRA MEANS36:36.911:4838TALLAHASSEE8 F-35 to 39
91521JULIE MAC NEAL42:05.913:3538PINELLAS PARK9 F-35 to 39
10301ROSA CUDA46:22.414:5737LARGO10 F-35 to 39
11340DENISE PINNOCK46:43.415:0438TAMPA11 F-35 to 39
12382MANDY HARMON49:03.915:4936PINELLAS PARK12 F-35 to 39
13992DEANNA CASEY52:48.417:023813 F-35 to 39
14200JENNIFER SKRILOFF53:42.817:1936PARRISH14 F-35 to 39
15970JODI HAREN54:37.817:373715 F-35 to 39
1651VALERIE SAWOSCINSKI54:58.517:4437HUDSON16 F-35 to 39
17154MICHELE DIIORIO56:23.418:1138PORT RICHEY17 F-35 to 39
189KEILA VICTOR57:39.518:3638ST PETERSBURG18 F-35 to 39
19332HEATHER GRAF58:11.418:4636ST PETERSBURG19 F-35 to 39
2091REY PATE58:24.218:5039ZEPHYRHILLS20 F-35 to 39
211531MARTHA JENNINGS59:15.519:073621 F-35 to 39
22476ROSSELYN FIGUEROA59:24.419:1035WESLEY CHAPEL22 F-35 to 39
23390RICKI REISINGER05:25.821:0639ST PETERSBURG23 F-35 to 39
Female 40 - 44 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1416VIRGINIA EDMONDS22:30.77:15421 F-40 to 44
265LISA MCFADDEN22:52.57:2342SEMINOLE2 F-40 to 44
3234ELIZABETH ZUNIGA25:55.28:2240ST PETERSBURG3 F-40 to 44
4122TRACY GINGRAS28:17.89:0740CLEARWATER4 F-40 to 44
5178JEANNE COBBE29:00.19:2142ST PETE5 F-40 to 44
627CHRISTINA KEMPF29:23.59:2940LARGO6 F-40 to 44
7362BRENDA GEORGE30:06.59:4341PINELLAS PARK7 F-40 to 44
8403SHERRY GERODIMOS30:40.39:5442CLEARWATER8 F-40 to 44
952PAMELA TIRADO30:44.59:5542DUNEDIN9 F-40 to 44
10194SUCHITA MATHENEY31:00.410:0043ST PETERSBURG10 F-40 to 44
11349STEPHANIE LETSON31:15.710:0543ST PETERSBURG11 F-40 to 44
121600KELLY BERENBAUM31:59.210:194112 F-40 to 44
131543WENDY ZABOROWSKI34:33.311:094113 F-40 to 44
14359IRENES MORALES34:52.511:1542ST PETERSBURG14 F-40 to 44
151542JULIE BUSH35:39.911:304415 F-40 to 44
16139JENNI SULLIVAN35:49.611:3344SEMINOLE16 F-40 to 44
17126KAREN COFFEY36:49.011:5340BRANDON17 F-40 to 44
1859MARCY STREICHER36:57.311:5543LARGO18 F-40 to 44
19356TRACEY MCNEAL38:20.812:2242TAMPA19 F-40 to 44
20128CARRIE ZDRUBECKY38:51.812:3242LARGO20 F-40 to 44
21490REGENIA DIXON39:02.312:3543NEW PORT RICHEY21 F-40 to 44
22972MELISSA SALMON40:46.113:094422 F-40 to 44
23409CARA RYAN43:16.013:5743CLEARWATER23 F-40 to 44
24129WENDY RAMIREZ46:21.314:5740LARGO24 F-40 to 44
25130MELISSA LOSTRAGLIO46:22.214:5743LARGO25 F-40 to 44
26469TIFFANY DAVIS46:38.115:0340PALM HARBOR26 F-40 to 44
27989AUDREY CHAFFIN47:14.615:144227 F-40 to 44
28118TONYA PASSMORE51:13.616:3143DADE CITY28 F-40 to 44
291541LISA WISHON51:43.416:414029 F-40 to 44
30260WENDY PAINTER53:25.817:1443CLEARWATER30 F-40 to 44
31256LISA JOHNSON57:40.618:3644TAMPA31 F-40 to 44
32388JANET BROWNELL57:40.718:3643PORT RICHEY32 F-40 to 44
33336ANDREA SCHADE57:45.518:3844LUTZ33 F-40 to 44
34137SUSAN HANCOCK58:03.318:4441LARGO34 F-40 to 44
35282TIFFANY WEBB59:14.619:0642PINELLAS PARK35 F-40 to 44
Female 45 - 49 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1410CATHLEEN SCHMITT27:45.58:5746OLDSMAR1 F-45 to 49
2426KATHLEEN BOHRNSEN28:56.19:2048ST PETERSBURG2 F-45 to 49
3335JENNIFER HUGHES28:56.49:2048ST PETERSBURG3 F-45 to 49
4345CECELIA MESSINA30:17.59:4646ST PETERSBURG4 F-45 to 49
5419CATHERINE KLEBER30:20.29:4748PALM HARBOR5 F-45 to 49
6185TRISHA JOHNSON31:00.310:0046SAINT PETERSBURG6 F-45 to 49
7917JODI OBERER31:19.310:06487 F-45 to 49
8927MAUREEN SEHUCH34:50.811:14488 F-45 to 49
958CRISTI BAKEWELL35:09.611:2046ST PETE9 F-45 to 49
10488PATRICIA PORTER35:39.811:3048ZEPHYRHILLS10 F-45 to 49
1119JILL SASSONE35:55.111:3547CLEARWATER11 F-45 to 49
1218ROBIN WIKLE39:19.812:4149TARPON SPRINGS12 F-45 to 49
13188LISA MESSINGER40:28.913:0347LARGO13 F-45 to 49
14186JENNIFER VANNOSTRAN40:29.013:0449CRYSTAL BEACH14 F-45 to 49
15205SANDRA ST.PIERRE43:11.413:5645PINELLAS PARK15 F-45 to 49
16120LINDA ARROYO44:24.114:1948LARGO16 F-45 to 49
17324HEATHER KEEGAN45:23.914:3848PALMETTO17 F-45 to 49
18354YULONDER BETTS49:04.915:5047CLEARWATER18 F-45 to 49
1921LORI MATWAY49:16.715:5448ST PETERSBURG19 F-45 to 49
206LINDA OSTERHOLT49:58.716:0749MADEIRA BEACH20 F-45 to 49
21386DEBBIE REDFIELD51:26.616:3549PALM HARBOR21 F-45 to 49
22156LYNN GOODWIN53:07.117:0846ST PETERSBURG22 F-45 to 49
2340STACIA LITTLEFIELD53:36.917:1745SEMINOLE23 F-45 to 49
241599TIFFANY STOVALL54:08.617:284624 F-45 to 49
25267JANICE FONTE54:23.717:3345SARASOTA25 F-45 to 49
26182BECKI TYREE55:27.017:5348SAINT PETERSBURG26 F-45 to 49
Female 50 - 54 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1274ELIZABETH SCHMIDT27:18.68:4851SEMINOLE1 F-50 to 54
2427PAMELA SABELLA29:00.79:2150TAMPA2 F-50 to 54
3119THERESA LEINBACH29:24.39:2951LARGO3 F-50 to 54
422RITA VASQUEZ30:33.09:5151SEMINOLE4 F-50 to 54
5404DIANE SCHELLER30:41.09:5450CLEARWATER5 F-50 to 54
6398VALERIE CHEESEBREW32:13.310:2450PINELLAS PARK6 F-50 to 54
7138DRU LANG32:32.710:3051SEMINOLE7 F-50 to 54
9252GAYLE PALMER34:25.011:0650LARGO9 F-50 to 54
10213DEBBIE STEPHENS34:37.511:1054CLEARWATER10 F-50 to 54
11241M LEWIS34:56.911:1652PINELLAS PARK11 F-50 to 54
12288REGINA WIMBLEY35:27.311:2650WESLEY CHAPEL12 F-50 to 54
13214JENNY FURLOTT35:44.011:3252CLEARWATER13 F-50 to 54
14999TANYA WOOD37:56.712:145214 F-50 to 54
15184JANICE JADLOWSKI41:23.613:2150PALM HARBOR15 F-50 to 54
16967MELLISSA JAMES43:57.814:115016 F-50 to 54
17343MARY SINIBALDI45:34.414:4250ST PETERSBURG17 F-50 to 54
18108SHERI EATON45:57.114:4952CLEARWATER18 F-50 to 54
20279SANDY SMITH49:14.015:5352ST PETERSBURG20 F-50 to 54
217ANN YAGLE49:58.816:0753ST PETERSBURG21 F-50 to 54
2228BETSY LAY50:38.916:2052ST PETERSBURG22 F-50 to 54
2314TERESA PETERSON51:26.716:3552TARPON SPRINGS23 F-50 to 54
24338FILIZ HALEF52:49.017:0250PALM HARBOR24 F-50 to 54
25971ALICE PRINCE52:54.017:045025 F-50 to 54
26204DIANE DVORAK53:01.217:0653MULBERRY26 F-50 to 54
27327SUE ALTHOFF53:05.817:0753ST PETERSBURG27 F-50 to 54
28163ANNETTE WEILER54:30.017:3553ST PETERSBURG28 F-50 to 54
29196DAWN HANDLEY57:23.418:3151TARPON SPRINGS29 F-50 to 54
30247LESLIE VIENS57:26.518:3254DUNEDIN30 F-50 to 54
31350PATRICIA NORTON57:53.018:4050WESLEY CHAPEL31 F-50 to 54
Female 55 - 59 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1257SUSAN JOHNSON30:11.39:4455TAMPA1 F-55 to 59
2251BETTY SLEASMAN34:24.311:0658SAINT PETERSBURG2 F-55 to 59
3265CHRIS VAN HALL34:25.911:0655NEW PORT RICHEY3 F-55 to 59
4930BARBARA JENKINS34:33.411:0956REDINGTON BEACH4 F-55 to 59
5146PEGGY PAINO37:46.112:1159TARPON SPRINGS5 F-55 to 59
6296KIMBERLEY MEGRATH38:45.412:3059BELLEAIR6 F-55 to 59
71550SHELIA JAMES39:12.712:39567 F-55 to 59
8187MARY ANN BRAULT41:08.813:1659NEW PORT RICHEY8 F-55 to 59
988LIZ HICKEY41:59.013:3357BROOKSVILLE9 F-55 to 59
10103SHERRI JACOBS42:44.413:4759ST PETERSBURG10 F-55 to 59
11142ROBIN HARRIS43:07.113:5555ST PETERSBURG11 F-55 to 59
1287KAY STANNARD43:18.813:5859PORT RICHEY12 F-55 to 59
131MARCIE HUNT54:16.817:3059ST PETERSBURG13 F-55 to 59
14280CONNIE KOLOSEY54:56.717:4356ST PETERSBURG14 F-55 to 59
1579ELLY BAUGHMAN55:20.817:5159HUDSON15 F-55 to 59
1644MARY LYNN MILLIKEN55:21.917:5155CLEARWATER16 F-55 to 59
171532KATHY UNDERHILL59:15.519:075917 F-55 to 59
Female 60 - 64 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
162BAHIYYAH SADIKI35:10.211:2160ST PETERSBURG1 F-60 to 64
2151RUTH REILLY38:24.912:2361LAND O'LAKES2 F-60 to 64
3381NANCY STITT39:52.112:5261ST PETERSBURG3 F-60 to 64
4904MARY BOYNTON43:10.913:55604 F-60 to 64
5145LISA CARMICHAEL43:36.514:0461DUNEDIN5 F-60 to 64
6302ELEANOR KOELSCH46:00.814:5063ST PETERSBURG6 F-60 to 64
7329MICHELLE COHEN48:53.215:4660ST PETERSBURG7 F-60 to 64
8287CONSTANCE BOYLE49:06.415:5061ST PETERSBURG8 F-60 to 64
9463SUSAN LEVY49:54.416:0661PINELLAS PARK9 F-60 to 64
101535BARBARA DANCIAK51:43.816:416210 F-60 to 64
1178LINDA DALLMANN51:48.216:4361CLEARWATER11 F-60 to 64
12314JAN SHER51:58.416:4660ST PETE BEACH12 F-60 to 64
13318BARBARA STERENSIS52:11.716:5060ST PETE BEACH13 F-60 to 64
14457TERRY BOEHM (MRS.)54:38.017:376114 F-60 to 64
15109PATRICIA DENMARK57:40.818:3663TAMPA15 F-60 to 64
16175KIM MILLER59:25.219:1062ST PETERSBURG16 F-60 to 64
17174KAREN MILLER59:25.519:1060ST PETERSBURG17 F-60 to 64
181504BARBARA PEREZ00:20.819:2863BELLEAIR BEACH18 F-60 to 64
1913JOYCE HODDINOTT00:47.719:3664LARGO19 F-60 to 64
20424SANDRA REISINGER05:19.021:0464CLEARWATER20 F-60 to 64
Female 65 - 69 in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1227MARIA ANGELIADIS43:19.213:5865TARPON SPRINGS1 F-65 to 69
21554CAROL TRUGLIO56:25.018:12652 F-65 to 69
3158CAROLYN KAROL00:49.619:3769SEMINOLE3 F-65 to 69
4157CANDACE HARRELL00:49.719:3769DUNEDIN4 F-65 to 69
Female 70 and Over in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1358CAROL SPIETH54:31.517:3572TAMPA1 F-70 to 98
Female Unknown in division 5K
PlaceBib #NameGun TimePaceAgeCityAge Rank
1445MARISA BOEHM34:52.411:1599TAMPA1 F-99 to 99
21587EVE HEALEY45:15.114:36992 F-99 to 99
3423JUDITH TOMPKINS45:57.414:4999SEMINOLE3 F-99 to 99
41555EVELYN HEALEY LOGAN48:12.415:33994 F-99 to 99

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