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Tackle Trump Parc

Stamford, CT, November 7, 2009

[Overall | Male | Female | Female Age Groups | Firefighter | Team ]

Male Age Groups

Place ElapsedBibFirstLastAge GroupTeam NameAge
10:03:2518JustinSchneider8 to 17Connecticut Health Care Stair Runners15
20:03:31108JonathonOrtiz8 to 17Team Robeks High Ridge17
30:04:50261KyleNisguretsky8 to 17--9
40:05:0631ParkerTregoning8 to 17Speed Steppers11
50:06:31243NickHazel8 to 17Belltown Volunteer Fire Department17
60:06:46110OmarCardona8 to 17Team Robeks High Ridge17
70:09:40242BoazYaari8 to 17Belltown Volunteer Fire Department16
10:03:5117DennisDening18 to 29Connecticut Health Care Stair Runners28
20:03:5614AdamTornabene18 to 29--26
30:03:57266Jason Bocchetta18 to 29--22
40:04:0153MattThompson18 to 29Black Bears21
50:04:0643LopezJuan18 to 29Tommy K Vitamins22
60:04:0826RyanSalvatore18 to 29Natives of the City that Works29
70:04:1050BryanMarcinek18 to 29Black Bears21
80:04:1140PiroFrank18 to 29Tommy K Vitamins19
90:04:1149AndrewShuster18 to 29Black Bears21
100:04:1211DennisMoriconi18 to 29--21
110:04:174BrianRabkin18 to 29--25
120:04:1742BuggyAlex18 to 29Tommy K Vitamins25
130:04:2841MooreAlex18 to 29Tommy K Vitamins23
140:04:3227JohnBarrot18 to 29Natives of the City that Works28
150:04:32175SeanGage18 to 29Stamford Fire & Rescue29
160:04:3498StefonCamacho18 to 29--20
170:04:42268AnastasiosTsilfidis18 to 29Courtyard Marrriott/GE Stair Masters23
180:04:4452ChristopherDubois18 to 29Black Bears21
190:04:515SeanMeade18 to 29Courtyard Marrriott/GE Stair Masters28
200:04:5886MarkLangowski18 to 29Steady Steppers29
210:05:157RyanFitzpatrick18 to 29--25
220:05:32158ReidAugust18 to 29Team Nanny29
230:05:45103PolvorosaAl18 to 29CT's Finest Karate & Kickboxing Academy29
240:06:00215BrandonAdams18 to 29Norwalk Fire Department28
250:06:03143FrankCompolattaro18 to 29Stamford Toys18
260:06:10182RoccoTerenzio18 to 29Stamford Fire & Rescue29
270:06:13248DustinHolt18 to 29Team GFD Local 104227
280:06:1515PeterKrzyzanowski18 to 29--18
290:06:16211TimReardon18 to 29Norwalk Fire Department27
300:06:24208NicholasDeangelo18 to 29Ridgefield Fire Fighters Local 173920
310:06:30229BringeMike18 to 29Fdny27
320:06:3028KrisO'Brien18 to 29Natives of the City that Works29
330:06:36227ChristopherHoward18 to 29Fdny27
340:06:39232MichaelGrasso18 to 29Westport Fire Department22
350:06:39177DanDemasi18 to 29Stamford Fire & Rescue24
360:06:55222MatthewZaremski18 to 29Norwalk Fire Department24
370:06:58249JohnPolmon18 to 29Team GFD Local 104229
380:07:16185DanLynch18 to 29Stamford Fire & Rescue26
390:07:26207MichaelTrenck18 to 29Ridgefield Fire Fighters Local 173928
400:07:26221DavidPignataro18 to 29Norwalk Fire Department28
410:07:35194FrankDocimo18 to 29Stamford Fire & Rescue24
420:07:45202DonnieStagnetta18 to 29Stamford Fire & Rescue29
430:08:07218Scott Rywolt18 to 29Norwalk Fire Department22
440:16:02132PatrickMcKiernan18 to 29Natives of the City that Works29
10:03:062ChrisSolarz30 to 39--31
20:03:10267NicholasBergman30 to 39--31
30:03:1444MichaelKarlin30 to 39--38
40:03:216SeanMehner30 to 39Stamford Steppers31
50:03:22102MatthewTynan30 to 39--33
60:03:4032WalterTregoning30 to 39Speed Steppers39
70:03:58263AlexArrubia30 to 39CT's Finest Karate & Kickboxing Academy30
80:04:0410MauriceStanley30 to 39--30
90:04:1438JeffPritsky30 to 39Team Prana35
100:04:1833DanteSiman30 to 39Stamford Toys39
110:04:23173AlanHagander30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue39
120:04:3266JohnPivovar30 to 39jPIV33
130:04:4445ArielKohane30 to 39--38
140:04:5229ErnestMulhern30 to 39Natives of the City that Works33
150:04:5684AdamGentile30 to 39Steady Steppers38
160:04:5734PaulBova30 to 39Stamford Toys39
170:05:00159RichardRosario30 to 39Team Nanny30
180:05:09134EricWilcox30 to 39Speed Steppers31
190:05:09174ErikAbrahamson30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue39
200:05:1936CraigLippmann30 to 39Stamford Toys36
210:05:28225JohnTimmins30 to 39Fdny31
220:05:39212GeorgeBaez30 to 39Norwalk Fire Department34
230:05:42223ThomasMadonna30 to 39Fdny31
240:05:44255TroyShipley30 to 39Team West Hartford Fire Dept Local 124133
250:05:4478RobertSnyder30 to 39Stamford Police Assocation35
260:05:4677FelipePolanco30 to 39Stamford Police Assocation30
270:05:52239GlennJohnson30 to 39Wilton Firefighters local 223338
280:05:5480JaredDulski30 to 39Stamford Toys32
290:06:06247NathanSchulde30 to 39Team GFD Local 104234
300:06:08254KevinFoster30 to 39Team West Hartford Fire Dept Local 124139
310:06:10188JonathanCunningham30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue33
320:06:10214JackKelly30 to 39Norwalk Fire Department39
330:06:12186ScottAvalos30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue31
340:06:14233BillWilson30 to 39Wilton Firefighters local 223330
350:06:16213GregoryDigiovanni30 to 39Norwalk Fire Department36
360:06:2256MarkLichocki30 to 39Buffalo Wild Wings30
370:06:23189JohnLockwood30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue39
380:06:27147ChristopherDomans30 to 39Steady Steppers31
390:06:29197JamesDoherty30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue36
400:06:45191JonLucia30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue31
410:06:55216AdamSussman30 to 39Norwalk Fire Department36
420:06:56187JamesMastro30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue38
430:07:02181NicolaTamburro30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue35
440:07:05240MichaelPryor30 to 39Wilton Firefighters local 223339
450:07:07265RogerKint30 to 39CT's Finest Karate & Kickboxing Academy33
460:07:07231DanielAmbruso30 to 39Westport Fire Department39
470:07:09217JasonMacNevin30 to 39Norwalk Fire Department35
480:07:15234KevinCzarnecki30 to 39Wilton Firefighters local 223338
490:07:17203BrianOhleth30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue35
500:07:20252SteveLanzarone30 to 39Team GFD Local 104239
510:07:42220RobertJuda30 to 39Norwalk Fire Department32
520:07:55228MichaelManfredonia30 to 39Fdny38
530:08:03193BrienMalloy30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue33
540:08:20210ChristopherSanders30 to 39Ridgefield Fire Fighters Local 173938
550:08:22192BrendanOreilly30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue31
560:08:24198DonaldHuot30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue30
570:08:27199MatthewPalmer30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue38
580:08:29224WilliamVallely30 to 39Fdny30
590:08:34246BarryHunt30 to 39Belltown Volunteer Fire Department36
600:08:47178JoeDombrowski30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue32
610:08:50226MatthewTyrrel30 to 39Fdny36
620:09:35184ChristopherLioti30 to 39Stamford Fire & Rescue35
630:11:32245MarkenoGrant30 to 39Belltown Volunteer Fire Department35
640:14:23206PatrickHolland30 to 39Ridgefield Fire Fighters Local 173937
10:03:4720DanielFusco40 to 49Connecticut Health Care Stair Runners44
20:03:5712MarkZurzola40 to 49--43
30:03:5722MichaelDicorato40 to 49Connecticut Health Care Stair Runners49
40:04:1237MarcPritsky40 to 49Team Prana40
50:04:1416ChrisBaldoni40 to 49Connecticut Health Care Stair Runners40
60:04:2069ToddSaumier40 to 49PRe-Climbers43
70:04:47145ScottCompolattaro40 to 49Stamford Toys44
80:05:29176JimTarzia40 to 49Stamford Fire & Rescue40
90:05:34264Jim Donahue40 to 49--44
100:05:43257ChrisPettinelli40 to 49Team West Hartford Fire Dept Local 124142
110:05:48138AnthonyTarzia40 to 49Stamford Toys41
120:06:08253MatthewStuart40 to 49Team West Hartford Fire Dept Local 124149
130:06:09256JosephRobidoux40 to 49Team West Hartford Fire Dept Local 124147
140:06:14179AnthonyMarino40 to 49Stamford Fire & Rescue42
150:06:26190MarkShannon40 to 49Stamford Fire & Rescue48
160:06:32237PatrickGarber40 to 49Wilton Firefighters local 223344
170:06:34238JosephBisenius40 to 49Wilton Firefighters local 223347
180:06:37251MikeGomes40 to 49Team GFD Local 104245
190:06:39183HaroldBrown40 to 49Stamford Fire & Rescue49
200:06:50180PaulTafoya40 to 49Stamford Fire & Rescue43
210:07:0360GregoryNiland40 to 49Connecticut Health Care Stair Runners49
220:09:46200ChristopherBrennan40 to 49Stamford Fire & Rescue41
10:03:093PaulCurley50 to 59--53
20:03:481RaymondSchneider50 to 59Connecticut Health Care Stair Runners55
30:05:55250KevinCoyner50 to 59Team GFD Local 104251
40:06:32205DavidDachinger50 to 59Ridgefield Fire Fighters Local 173954
50:06:44196RobertMorales50 to 59Stamford Fire & Rescue53
60:08:10201MichaelBrown50 to 59Stamford Fire & Rescue53
70:08:48209MickeyGrasso50 to 59Ridgefield Fire Fighters Local 173950
80:09:38219StephenShay50 to 59Norwalk Fire Department54
90:10:57165EdwinTetenbaum50 to 59--51

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