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SRR Thursday Night PR 4.06 mile run

Somerville, MA, October 4, 2012

pluses and minuses

Name              PR Differential   City 
Ilana Volkner               -2:22   Somerville, MA
Rozanne Puleo               -1:59   (First Timer)
Sara Saba                   -0:56   Boston, MA
Sarah Boltrunis             -0:55   Somerville, MA
Ed Porto                    -0:55   Somerville, MA
Andrew MacLeay              -0:51   Somerville, MA
Stephen Alajajian           -0:42   Somerville, MA
Jason Lachapelle            -0:41   Arlington, MA   
John Wichers                -0:33   Arlington, MA
Seth Maleri                 -0:20   Somerville, MA 	 
Erin Morin                  -0:18   Arlington, MA
Mike LaPierre               -0:12   Medford, MA
Joseph Naggie               -0:10   Somerville, MA
Scott Dedeo                 -0:07   Belmont, MA
Tom Breider                 -0:02   Somerville, MA
John O'Laughlin             -0:02   Cambridge, MA
Paul Venutiv                +0:03   Somerville, MA 	
Jim Moberg                  +0:08   Somerville, MA 	
Chris Smith                 +0:15   Woburn, MA 	
Laurie Gagnon               +0:37   Somerville, MA 	
Anthony White               +0:48   Somerville, MA 	
Aharon Wright               +0:59   Somerville, MA 	
Victor Gonzalez             +1:48   Somerville, MA
Carrie-Anne Dedeo           +1:48   Somerville, MA
Julie Dragon                +2:09   Somerville, MA
Tim Morin                   +4:42   Arlington, MA   	
Brian Cullinan              +4:42   Somerville, MA
Joe O'Leary                 +5:32   Medford, MA 	
Alison Lackey               +6:45   Medford, MA (Sweeper)
Urvi Mujumdar               +6:45   Cambridge, MA (Sweeper)

Here is how it works: all runners begin at the usual starting line, but take off at different times depending on their Casey's PR. We will start a timer to count down, beginning slightly before the highest PR. When the timer hits your PR, that's when you start running. The idea is that you try to finish before the timer hits zero. We don't record the actual times run, but instead the difference between each runner's current PR and their time. The winner of the evening is the person who sets the largest PR difference (negative time).