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Grey Hound Pub "Grande Finale! Run

Worcester, MA, March 19, 2012

Thanks to all who came out to shut the place down!!

The tradition continues...
The tradition continues...

The Grey Hound Pub Run

11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610


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Well that's it. The Grey Hound Pub Kelley Sq. is no longer. We closed it out with a big crowd filled with some old faces and some new. A five year tradition has come to an end. Thanks again to Paul and Cyndy Curley for giving us a place to call home every Monday Night since January 2007.  We look forward to starting a new chapter soon at a new bigger and better Grey Hound!


So what happens now?  We run from our new home, Fiddlers Green at The Worcester Hibernian Cultural Foundation.  There's plenty of parking and it's easy to find. 19 Temple St. which runs from Grafton St at Fairway Beef to Green St.  You know it as the Home of the Annual Canal Diggers 5k. 


Join us this Monday at 6:30 pm as we kick off what is actually version 4.0 of the Monday night run. Yes, It's still free. All we ask is that you support the bar and maybe buy some wings. Please leave the potluck items and baked goods at home.


The final 3 mile results......



1 18:30 John Pajer Leicester CMS
2 19:11 Ken Hutton Marlborough HCS Pizza
3 20:13 Vin Garofoli Worcester CMS
4 20:16 Dom Naples Marlborough HCS
5 20:17 Scott Schaeffer Dufffy Worcester CMS Cheesebread
6 21:00 Dan Milton Hudson HCS Pizza
7 21:30 Kristen Samples Thompson CT CMS
8 21:39 Gerald Hartling Marlborough HCS
9 21:42 Hicham Maalouf Worcester CMS
10 21:57 Travis Thompson Worcester CMS
11 22:08 Lynne Hanko Marlborough HCS Oatmeal Rasin Cookies
12 22:20 Tom Lynch Natick NMC Brown Sugar Chewies
13 22:30 Chuck Hanko Marlborough HCS
14 24:30 Bill Gonsorcik Worcester CMS
15 24:33 Kevin Fallon West Boylston NMC The future Mrs Fallon
16 24:33 Amy Paquette West Boylston NMC Canoli
17 25:01 Chris Anderson Marlborough HCS
18 25:56 Jim Dupont E. Orange NJ CRR Humble Pie
19 25:57 Scott Stevens Holden CMS Swedish Brownies
20 26:20 Yael London Worcester CMS
21 26:31 Mike Keating Worcester CMS
22 27:58 Josee Tremblay Auburn CMS
23 28:36 Michael Braun Worcester CMS
24 32:32 Karen Pajer Leicester CMS Fruit & Chicken pasta salad
25 37:02 Adam Cohen Worcester CMS
26 37:03 Monica Cohen Worcester CMS
27 Jack Goolsky Millbury CMS Beans n' Rice
28 Dan Ford Spencer CMS Chips
29 Roxanne Robert Worcester CMS Fruit
30 Claire Schaeffer Duffy Worcester CMS Spinach Pie
31 Rich Lemerise Worcester CMS Yes I am
32 Mark Johnson Holden CMS Ice Cream
33 Patricia McKeon Holden CMS Ice cream
34 Jenny McKenzie Worcester CMS
35 Cyndy Curley Sterling CMS Corned beef tacos
36 David McNamara Worcester CMS Cake
37 Susan Leo Johnson Worcester CMS
38 16:41 2mi Bob Lubenow Worcester CMS
Almond Cake
And many more...