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Fiddlers Green Pub

Worcester, MA, June 4, 2012

Fiddlers Green Pub Run Monday nights 6:30 or so


Fiddlers Green Pub Monday night fun run Part Deux 19 Temple Street Worcester, MA June 04, 2012

Not much of a fun run tonight. The only pouring tonight was the beer. Thanks Scott Duffy for the pretzels.

Weather conditions: Wet,steady rain and around 72 degrees

1 23:54 Dave Wynja M40-49 Worcester CMS
2 23:55 Kevin Fallon M40-49 West Boylston CMS
3 24:27 Amy Paquette M20-39 West Boylston CMS
4 25:30 Kim Wamback F40-49 Worcester CMS
5 31:31 Karen Pajer F40-49 Leicester CMS
6 31:34 Cyndy Curley F40-49 Sterling CMS
7 34:58 Dave McNamara M40-49 Worcester CMS