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GNBTC Couple Run - Week 12

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Bedford, MA

Results Courtesy of the Greater New Bedford Track Club.

Race logo courtesy of Jackie Francisco
Race logo courtesy of Jackie Francisco

[Couple Results ]


1Dan Croteau0:13:2105:20
2John Breault0:14:0005:36
3Sal Corrao0:14:2205:45
4Molly Rouillard (CR)0:14:4905:56
5Liam Connors0:16:3406:38
6Nelson Sousa0:16:4506:42
7Kate Diogo0:16:5506:46
8Pat Moore0:17:0006:48
9Jackie Francisco0:17:1806:55
10Lou Martin0:17:2006:56
11Nicole Massoud0:17:2306:57
12Peter Wirzburger0:17:3307:01
13Tiago Mimoso0:17:4607:06
14Victor Couto0:17:5007:08
15Terry Frenette0:17:5807:11
16Dave Gulley0:17:5907:12
17Ronja Beijer0:18:1607:18
18Andreas England0:18:1707:19
19Joe Botelho0:18:2907:24
20Brooke Ashley0:18:4407:30
21John Benevides0:18:4907:32
22Cheryl Healy0:19:1407:42
23Kevin Silva0:19:1607:42
24Pat Connors0:19:2607:46
25Lori Watkins0:19:3707:51
26EB Baptiste0:19:3807:51
27Mike Ford0:19:4707:55
28Ken Rogers0:19:5207:57
29Sonia Raposo0:19:5407:58
30Anna Cardoza0:19:5507:58
31Michael Burke0:19:5807:59
32Alex Kalife0:20:5108:20
33Dave Silva0:21:0008:24
34Keith Johnson0:21:0108:24
35Rick Racine0:22:5309:09
36Ashley Racine0:22:5409:10
37Nicole Burke0:23:3709:27
38Dawn Nunes0:24:4609:54
39Carl Beckman0:24:5109:56
40Tracy Beckman0:24:5109:56
41Angela Francois0:26:1310:29
42Kerri Lariviere0:26:1410:30
43Steve Finnerty0:49:3319:49
44LCM Webster0:51:1120:28

Current Course Records

Male: Scott Anderson 13:09
Female: Molly Rouillard 14:49
2012 Ironman: Steve Finnerty 19 Weeks

This weeks volunteers…..

Finish line / Dave Richards
Finish line / Jim Frenette
Finish line / Kristina DaFonseca
Finish line / Dawn & Carlos
Mile 1 / Allison Rossi
Mile 2 / Karen Caddell
Registration / Ann Heartnett & Friend
TC / Robert Pina
Results / Richard Flood