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Grey Hound Pub Run

Worcester, MA, January 23, 2012

The Grey Hound Pub Run Monday nights 6:30


				The Grey Hound Pub Run
				(formally An Cu Liath)
				11 Kelley Square
				Worcester, MA  01610

	  Cold, dreary with light rain at times but the food was good as usual,beer was
	flowing and we were still delighted for the pats going again to the super bowl.

	Place	Time	Name			HomeTown	        Club	Dish
	1	21:20	Jared Chrudinsky	         Holden		
	2	21:40	Vin Garofoli		Worcester 	CMS
	3	22:21	Hicham Maalouf		Worcester 	CMS
	4	22:29	Kim Wamback		Worcester	         CMS	Cake
	5	23:52	Mark Johnson		Paxton		CMS	Pizza
	6	23:57	Scott Schaeffer Duffy	Worcester	         CMS
	7	26:30	Scott Stevens		Holden		CMS	Monkey Bread
	8	26:40	Matt Grigas		Millbury	         CMS	Cake
	9	27:36	Mike Keating		Worcester	         CMS	Salad	
	10	32:11	Cindy Curley		Sterling	         CMS	Chili
	11	32:12	Karen Pajer		Leicester	         CMS	Pasta Prim.
	12	35:00	David McNamara		Worcester	         CMS	Peach Pie	
	13	2 mi.	Claire Schaeffer Duffy	Worcester	         CMS
	14		Tom Ingrassia		Holden			Cookies