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The Greyhound Pub Run Kelley Square

Worcester, MA, February 6, 2012

The Greyhound Pub Run Monday nights 6:30 p.m.


				The Grey Hound Pub Run
				(formally An Cu Liath)
				11 Kelley Square
				Worcester, MA  01610

Weather conditions:  Mid thirties and calm. It's getting better. Soon we will be changing
		     the clocks to daylight savings and wardrobe to springlike conditions.

      Place	Time	Name			HomeTown	Club	Dish
	1	20:14	John Pajer		Leicester	CMS		
	2	23:30	Vin Garofoli		Worcester	CMS	
	3	24:11	Jack Goolsky     	Millbury	CMS	
	4	24:15	Tom Lynch		Natick   	NMC	red velvet cake	
	5	25:42	Yael London		Worcester	CMS	
	6	25:47	Bill Gonsorcik          Worcester	CMS	
	7	26:00	Paul Curley (2mi.)	Sterling	(Worc.
	 							rugby FC)  kielbasa
	8	26:57	Matt Grigas		Millbury	CMS
	9	29:10	Adam Cohen		Worcester	CMS
	10	29:10	Scott Stevens		Holden		CMS	
        11	29:10	Kim Wamback		Worcester	CMS	
	12	29:27	Karen Pajer		Leicester	CMS	cheezy hashbrowns	
	13	31:28	David McNamara		Worcester	CMS	kielbasa	
	14		Bob Lubenow		Grafton		CMS	swedish almond cake	
	15		Joe Carpenter		Leicester	CMS	chips & salsa