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Dirty Duo Sarasota

Sarasota, FL, May 20, 2012

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Women Teams

Don BIckel, Race Director. Timing by

Dirty Duo..
Overall Finish List..
2012 May 20..
Results By
PlaceNameChip Time
1Chloe Pigmy-Marmasets45:56.7
2Misty Dirty Sistahs46:19.7
3Summer Girls Under Pressure50:57.9
4Joy Marathon Mama's51:48.9
5Sandy Dirty Bitches @9257:44.7
6Samantha Oma's Girls58:32.7
7Natalie Natella1:02:11.9
8Deborah Get Skooled1:03:22.7
9Betsy Lord Help Us1:03:25.7
10Shannon Dirty Girlz1:06:14.2
11Mackenzie Jones Sisters1:06:26.4
12Whitney Dirty Blondes1:06:34.2
13Jayne Srq Boot Camp High O1:06:36.4
14Amy Beach Babes1:08:39.4
15Jen Fire And Ice1:09:02.9
16Janelle Breast Friends1:09:04.9
17Kelly Dos Amigos1:10:10.7
18Jodi Bamm's1:10:22.2
19Michelle Sporco Ambo1:10:25.9
20Michele Team **pain**1:10:59.4
21Marcy Sole Sisters1:11:41.4
22Shannon Purdy Durdy1:12:30.2
23Team Parannahs1:12:33.7
24Christie Valley Girls1:12:53.4
25Nancy Carr-Go!1:13:10.4
26Erin Dirtgangi1:13:33.2
27Jessica Pretty Petals1:14:02.7
28Kimberly Dungeon Divas1:14:14.9
29Tiffany Suck It Up Princess1:15:31.7
30Megan M&m's1:16:33.9
31Nancy Me And My Mudda1:16:50.4
32Crystal Bad Mudda Kitties1:16:54.4
33Melissa Pink N Dirty1:17:30.4
34Edith Blue Chicks1:17:48.4
35Adrienne Dirty Nurses1:18:44.4
36Susan Tebow Honey Badger B1:19:15.9
38Kimberly Team Good Times1:20:34.4
39Alicia Gator Girls1:21:03.7
40Valerie Daring Diva Duo1:21:46.7
40Dirty Bits1:22:06.7
41Jen Karate Mom's1:23:52.4
42Allison Kentucky Kats1:24:20.2
43Patti Dragged Intuit1:24:42.9
44Kelly Tough Cookies1:25:56.2
45Sarah Sunshine Twins1:26:34.4
46Jessica Mud Princesses1:26:38.2
47Teresa The Lucky Ones1:27:03.7
49Renee Beast Mode Mudders1:28:15.2
50Terri T & A1:28:30.4
51Daisha The Knights1:28:57.4
52Samantha The Twinners1:31:39.7
53Tina Sissys1:32:11.2
54Jackie Dirty Girls1:34:36.5
55Meggan Shake And Bake1:35:33.2
56Noemi Borispice1:35:52.2
57Celia Team Ginger1:36:24.5
58Jennifer Lucky Lizards1:37:54.2
59Veronica Yolo1:43:34.5
60Hachi The Burritos1:45:30.0
61Kira Blasting Graphing Ca1:48:24.0