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Joppa Hill Snowshoe Sprint

Bedford, NH, February 28, 2009


                   Joppa Hill Snowshoe Sprint 4.4K / 2.2K
                      Bedford, NH - February 28, 2009
                    Produced by 3C Race Productions LLC
                   Results by Yankee Timing 978-430-5669

Mother Nature tried her best to force the Joppa Hill Snowshoe Sprint into submission, but the
RD and crew persevered and put on another fun winter frolic. Ms. Nature first tried to melt
away the snow with a late February heat wave. During yesterday's course preview, we found a few
clear spots in the first 3/4ths of the loop, but nothing we couldn't route around --- then we
came to a formerly 2 foot wide creek crossing that was now 8 feet wide!!! Ouch!!! No way around
this one. Thus the RD spent the next 2+ hours scouting out a modified course and finally settled
on a lollipop out and back 2.4K course.

Friday night, Mother Nature went at it again dropping more than an inch of warm, snow-melting
rain, thus the RD arrived on race morning to find several very long clear spots in the first 100
yards of the course, thus forcing the race to be shortned to 2.2K --- but we still outsmarted
Mother Nature and 15 hardy snowshoers braved the woods and fields at Joppa Hill Farm.

Jim Hansen led the 4.4K race from start to finish en route to his first ever snowshoe race
title in a time of 25:39. Joe Merriam pulled in 2nd in 27:55 and Bill Howard ran a very strong
2nd loop to move up from 6th to 3rd in 31:39

Nancy Brome also got to celebrate her first ever snowshoe race title as she out-shoed all the
the other women (0) to win in 36:50.

Brian Crockett and race host Karyn Merriam took the titles in the 2.2K and 5 year old Rheya
King grabbed 4th and the title of youngest snowshoe racer in New Hampshire for 2009. Rheya took
home a custom printed 3CRP Hanteen for her effort.

Just 1 race left in New Hampshire's snowshoe season - Pat's Peak 8K Snowshoe Relay in Henniker
on March 14th. Grab a partner, strap on your snowshoes, and head for the hills...

                                   4,4K Results
Place Time    Name                   Team                      Age Sex City St            
===== ======= ====================== ========================= === === ================== 
    1 25:39   Jim Hansen             Gate City Striders         50  M  Nashua NH
    2 27:55   Joe Merriam            acidotic RACING            49  M  Franklin NH
    3 31:39   Bill Howard                                       60  M  Winchester MA
    4 32:24   Gary Reuter            acidotic RACING            69  M  Kittery ME
    5 32:57   Michael Amarello       acidotic RACING            45  M  Merrimack NH
    6 33:00   Rand Snyder                                       20  M  Stratham NH
    7 36:50   Nancy Brome            Sweetie Pies               46  F  Manchester NH
    8 37:10   Gordon Snyder                                     59  M  Stratham NH
    9 39:02   Richard Dinovo         Sweetie Pies               41  M  Goffstown NH
   10 40:24   George Brome           Sweetie Pies               47  M  Manchester NH

                                   2.2K Results
Place Time    Name                   Team                      Age Sex City St            
===== ======= ====================== ========================= === === ================== 
    1   13:33 Brian Crockett         acidotic RACING            50  M  Gilmanton NH
    2   23:52 Karyn Merriman                                    46  F  Bedford NH
    3   44:09 Belinda King                                      34  F  Bedford NH
    4   44:26 Rheya King                                         5  F  Bedford NH
    5   44:27 Stanley King                                      35  M  Bedford NH