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CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #11

Worcester, MA, March 15, 2008


Central Mass Striders

    1  22:26  Mark Johnson       -1mm-  M40-49  Paxton        CMS
    2  23:22  Jan Beckwith       -1fs-  F50-59  Bolton        CMS
    3  24:52  Jack Goolsky              M40-49  Rutland       CMS
    4  26:09  Ken Deary          -1ms-  M50-59  Dudley        CMS
    5  27:03  Juan Santana              M50-59  Worcester     CMS
    6  27:54  Mike Keating              M40-49  Worcester     CMS
    7  28:15  Debbie Jarvis             F50-59  Charlton      CMS
    8  28:24  Hector Cruz               M40-49  Shrewsbury    CMS
    9  28:52  Bob Pacetti               M50-59  Fitchburg     CMS
   10  30:28  Cindy Curley       -1fm-  F40-49  Sterling      CMS  
   11  32:19  Joe Cunha                 M40-49  Hudson        CMS 
   12  34:29  Don Grant          -1mv-  M60-69  Northampton
Volunteers: Tracy and Mike Flynn and their dog (Shrewsbury), Roxanne Robert (Charlton), Carey Pilo (Worcester), Lynn Armstrong (Holden), Laura Beckwith (Holden).
(12f; 30 degrees, snowing and blowing, and slushy and slippery underfoot; Counterclockwise)