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An C Liath Irish Pub Monday 5K

Worcester, MA, July 21, 2008

Join us every Monday @ 6:30 pm !!

An C Liath Irish Pub 
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610
It's the last weekend in July and you know what that means.........It's the Fred Warren 5.5 mile road race.  In fact it is the 45th annual edtition and it happens this Sunday, July 27th at 6:30 Pm in scenic Holden Massachusetts. Just head to Friendly's on Main St and you'll see the registration table across the street. Many of the Monday Night crew will be attending and you should too. Why? For all you thrifty folks the entry fee is only 10 bucks and for that you get 5.5 miles of unrelenting hilliness.  Other than the last 1/4 mile (maybe not even that much)  you are running either uphill or downhill. For some reason it seems like mostly uphill.....This is not a race for pansies so if you want flat, fast, and frills don't come 'cause you WILL be disappointed. The rest of you come to Holden where our town motto is "The only thing bad about our town is that you have to pass through Worcester to get here" ;)
5Km Results

1        18:30 Jesse Regnier Amherst UMASS
2        19:23 Ernesto Soto Worcester CMS
3        21:08 Brian McCarthy Worcester CMS
4        22:08 Nicole Wiiliamson Worcester
5        22:45 Mark Johnson Paxton CMS
6        22:49 Tom Lynch Natick USACFRF
7        23:25 Ben Adler Worcester CMS
8        24:04 Amy Paquette Worcester CMS/NMC
9        24:05 Karen Berni-Giarusso Worcester CMS
10      24:19 Scott Stevens Holden SSAC/CMS
11      24:20 Jack Goolsky Rutland CMS
12      26:00 Shane Marlia Worcester
13      26:15 Brad Clark Worcester
14      26:42 Roger W Steele Sturbridge CMS/WPI
15      27:46 Juan Santana Worcester CMS
16      28:08 Tracy Flynn Shrewsbury CMS
17      28:10 Art French Shrewsbury CMS
18      28:40 Josee Tremblay Auburn CMS
19      30:27 Stu Thurston Boylston CMS
20      32:10 Cyndy Curley Sterling CMS
21      32:24 Marta Carlson Paxton