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CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #35

Devens, MA, August 27, 2008


			  2008 CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #35		
				       DEVENS, MA		
				      August 27,2008
Results Courtesy of Central Mass Striders
The perfect 70-degree windless evening brought out 35 runners racing against each other and the clock. The top three finishers were two seconds and one second apart respectively. Will Helms was the winner at 17:55; on his heels was a close Brian Reeves at 17:57. Breathing down his back and only one second later was John Kinnee, in a time of 17:58. All three finished in under 18 minutes! Barbara McManus, the first woman came through next with a time of 19:10. There were a total of 7 finishers in under 20 minutes! It must have been the promise of birthday cake after the race that sent runners dashing for the finish line. Race starter Jesse Spinelli turned the ripe old age of 10 and as a result runners were treated to chocolate birthday cake. Jesse, would you mind turning 10 again next week? Speaking of next week--the race will begin at 6:15. Looks like the days are getting shorter! PLACE TIME NAME CATEGORY CITY CLUB 1 17:55 Will Helms 1MM M40-49 Shirley 2 17:57 Brian Reeves M40-49 Shirley CMS 3 17:58 John Kinnee 1MO M20-39 Ayer CMS 4 19:10 Barbara McManus 1FM F40-49 Oakham CMS 5 19:15 Andres Salmeron M40-49 Westminster CMS 6 19:52 Raymond Boutotte M20-39 Lancaster CMS 7 19:59 Greg Haskell M20-39 Ayer CMS 8 20:26 Charlie Salmond 1MS M50-59 Fitchburg CMS 9 21:13 Heather Arsenault 1FO F20-39 Leominster CMS 10 21:15 John Gebhardt M50-59 Hong Kong 11 21:35 Andy Luro M50-59 Princeton CMS 12 21:42 John Adams M20-39 Leominster 13 22:07 Leah Smith 1FJ F0-19 Ayer AHS 14 22:15 Glenn Richards M50-59 Holden CMS 15 22:22 Steve Maclean M40-49 Clinton CMS 16 22:41 Neil Lacey M50-59 Ayer CMS 17 22:46 Peter Lyon M50-59 Boylston CMS 18 24:13 Tom Spinelli M40-49 Leominster CMS 19 24:44 Kayla Reeves F0-19 Shirley CMS 20 24:52 Ed Cook M40-49 Brookline, NH 21 24:53 Evelyn Dolan F40-49 Fitchburg CMS 22 25:31 Mark Reeves M50-59 Shirley CMS 23 25:55 Bernie Jensen 1MV M60-69 Bolton CMS 24 25:58 Allen Hoffman M60-69 Sterling CMS 25 26:19 Emily Holmes F0-19 Acton 26 26:38 Ray Bouttote M60-69 Pepperell CMS 27 26:59 Sue Stockwell F40-49 Leominster CMS 28 27:25 David Pate 1MJ M0-19 Ayer Parker HS 29 27:39 Andy Roy M20-39 Waltham CMS 30 29:38 Bill Haskell M60-69 Sterling CMS 31 30:52 Liz Pacetti F20-39 Waltham CMS 32 30:53 Christine Roy F20-39 Waltham CMS 33 30:53 Bob Pacetti M50-59 Fitchburg CMS NMC 34 42:02 Sarah Arsenault F20-39 Lunenburg 35 42:02 Leonard Arsenault M50-59 Leominster Volunteers: Sarah Fullen, Roxanne Robert, Megan Therriault, Jim Sicard, Jesse Spinelli, Kevin McCusker, Kevin Fallon