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CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #34

Devens, MA, August 20, 2008


			  2008 CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #34		
				       DEVENS, MA		
				      August 20,2008
Results Courtesy of Central Mass Striders
Unseasonably fall like weather punctuates this evenings race, great for running, but Damn, it's still August. Let's not rush things, still 5 weeks left to the Devens leg of the 52 week series. We are planning a surprise run the last week (9/24) and looking for feed back from the runners. Similar to last year, we would like to do a guesstimated run, but with a twist. It involves watch-less runners and clock counting down from some time like 40 min going to zero and runners leaving the starting line at there guessed time, with the hope that everyone will cross the finish line at the same time, 0:00 on the clock. What do you think? Come on out to Devens next Wednesday and let us know. The night's highlights: Brad Fors was overall and open cat winner, followed by Jason Smith who lost one shoe so tossed the other on the first strait-away and finished the race in socks. For the fairer sex, Heather Arsenault was the winner in the open category. Details below: Place Time Name Category Town Club 1 17:15 Brad Fors -1mo- M20-39 Ashby, MA CMS/NMC 2 17:52 Jason Smith -1mj- M 0-19 Ayer, MA - 3 18:09 Will Helms -1mm- M40-49 Shirley, MA - 4 18:25 Brian Reeves M40-49 Shirley, MA CMS 5 20:53 Brondon Pines M 0-19 Ayer, MA AHS 6 21:02 Heather Arsenault -1fo- F20-39 Leominster, MA CMS 7 21:27 Neal Lacey -1ms- M50-59 Ayer, MA CMS 8 21:35 Andy Luro M50-59 Princeton, MA CMS 9 21:41 Arshad Kahn M20-39 Fitchburg, MA - 10 21:46 Raymond Boutotte M20-39 Lancaster, MA CMS 11 21:57 Leah Smith -1fj- F 0-19 Ayer, MA AHS 12 22:05 Tom Spinelli M40-49 Leominster, MA CMS 13 22:59 Mark McDonough M50-59 Pepperall, MA CMS 14 23:01 Peter Lyon M50-59 Boylston, MA - 15 23:02 J P Delanhey M20-39 N. Billerica, MA - 16 23:36 Ed Feller M40-49 Marlborough, MA - 17 24:02 John Flagg M 0-19 Ayer, MA AHS 18 24:24 Darlene Hoover -1fs- F50-59 Sterling, MA CMS/NMC 19 24:29 Deb Fontaine F50-59 Leominster, MA CMS 20 24:30 Jim Shope M50-59 Sterling, MA CMS/NMC 21 25:23 Kimberley Hoffman F20-39 Ayer, MA CMS 22 26:17 Russell Miller -1mv- M60-69 Sudbury, MA - 23 26:41 Allen Hoffman M60-69 Sterling, MA CMS 24 28:00 Ray Boutotte M60-69 Pepperell, MA CMS 25 29:43 David Poole M 0-19 Ayer, MA - 26 29:49 Liz Pacetti F20-39 Waltham, MA CMS 27 29:56 Nick Wilson M 0-19 Shirley, MA AHS 28 30:07 Bill Haskell M60-69 Sterling, MA CMS 29 30:08 Bob Pacetti M50-59 Fitchburg, MA CMS 30 30:09 Christine Roy F20-39 Waltham, MA CMS 31 30:12 Cindy Curley -1fm- F40-49 Sterling, MA CMS 32 30:13 Mark Johnson M40-49 Paxton, MA CMS 33 31:31* Ed Sullivan M60-69 Marlboro, MA CMS 34 32:37 Steve O'Neil M20-39 Worcester, MA CMS 35 39:50 Sarah Arsenault F20-39 Lunenburg, MA - (*) Modified course (Low 67's,Unseasonably fall cool) Clockwise course,(all right turns) Voluteers: Megan Therriault(Princeton), Kevin Fallon(w Boylston), Roxanne Robert(Charlton), Larry Morris(leominster), Jesse Spinelli(Leominster), Jim Sicard(Fitchburg)