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Soapstone Sampler Trail Race

Somers, CT, May 20, 2007

Overall Results (Age Graded/Handicap Start)

For more race information, see Shenipsit Striders.

PlaceTimeFirst NameLast NameSexAgeAge GroupStart LetterBib
10:23:46.99JohnDentM5350 to 59I531
20:25:14.69JohnAgostoM4240 to 49D495
30:25:54.49KathyManizzaF4940 to 49O517
40:26:00.56ClintonMorseM4540 to 49E528
50:26:53.44NicholasBellinoM151 to 39F469
60:27:33.43DickStoefflerM7460 and aboveB501
70:27:34.95JohnWarringtonM4540 to 49E490
80:27:41.26MichelleCorriganF341 to 39I524
90:28:04.80KathyFurlaniF5850 to 59W486
100:28:24.95SteveJolyM241 to 39A532
110:28:35.73WilliFrederichM7260 and aboveZ500
120:28:45.11AlexSmithM121 to 39H525
130:28:47.97TimothyMcGrathM381 to 39C505
140:29:08.94StephenBoweringM4440 to 49D519
150:29:14.35ReginaMcGillivrayF4140 to 49K539
160:29:29.36GregManizzaM171 to 39C518
170:29:34.12KenLarsonM5450 to 59I516
180:29:38.40BobMassaroM6360 and aboveQ470
190:29:48.28JasonDominickM351 to 39B534
200:30:10.30TuuliHakalaF241 to 39I533
210:30:15.66LaurieBursteinF4240 to 49K485
220:30:16.29MarkFittonM5050 to 59G511
230:30:31.20BillHowardM5850 to 59M478
240:30:32.54ShaunaNacewiczF291 to 39I537
250:30:33.63TamaraDamarjianF321 to 39I535
260:30:40.37KathySchultzF4840 to 49N522
270:30:42.68KenKauschM391 to 39C514
280:30:48.61SteveSimkoM331 to 39B476
290:30:51.30KatieJezekF291 to 39I530
300:30:53.78Anne MarieRyanF4640 to 49M538
310:31:10.19KimBrownF351 to 39I475
320:31:50.89TonyLuciaM6960 and aboveW502
330:32:00.04ShalisaKeyesF331 to 39J536
340:32:10.79BrianMcGrathM371 to 39B504
350:33:02.72WalterKolodzinski JrM6460 and aboveR481
360:33:03.80CarolynCacoliceF4040 to 49J465
370:33:21.97TommyHartM6060 and aboveN515
380:33:34.25MichaelBellinoM161 to 39D468
390:34:20.86BrianSmithM4840 to 49F529
400:34:52.92MattMarsegliaM381 to 39C483
410:35:17.62MichaelLeblancM4340 to 49D523
420:36:34.16ScottJohnson-YasufuhuM291 to 39A506
430:36:50.54NancySimmF4540 to 49L484
440:36:52.76DonBlakeboroughM331 to 39B480
450:37:11.89LeslieFlottF5050 to 59O488
460:37:44.72DianaJohnstoneF251 to 39I499
470:37:45.50JessicaDrewF251 to 39I498
480:37:47.63VirginiaSyombathyF321 to 39I493
490:37:48.39VickiQuagliaroliF5350 to 59R503
500:38:04.77KrisKozuchF4940 to 49O479
510:38:07.06MelissaBichunF281 to 39I494
520:38:15.01TimSavageM381 to 39C491
530:38:29.59StacieSimkoF321 to 39I477
540:38:45.41JenGrubbF281 to 39I507
550:39:29.35ElaineBuckleyF6060 and aboveN482
560:40:35.76ScottOloffM291 to 39A487
570:42:17.98MadelynSeversonF81 to 39W510
580:42:18.43TinaSeversonF391 to 39J508
590:42:52.14CarolGoodrowF5850 to 59W464
600:45:20.47JamesEvansM5550 to 59J467
610:47:34.98KayaSeversonF171 to 39J512
620:48:16.78CliffLibbyM5850 to 59M496
630:48:17.66LeesaLewonF4340 to 49K466
640:48:19.45JamesCanfieldM4740 to 49E520
650:52:18.67JacksonMorseM81 to 39P526
660:54:40.34LynnLivingstonF5850 to 59W463
670:54:41.22StanleyLivingstonM6360 and aboveQ462
680:57:58.28KeriFlorenceF191 to 39J513
690:59:31.79KandiDellaBellaF321 to 39I471
700:59:33.46PeteDellaBellaM5850 to 59M472
711:00:40.34ChlakeRaineaF5550 to 59T521
721:02:21.99KimFlorenceF4640 to 49M509
731:05:50.74AnnaMorseF101 to 39R527
741:07:10.73DennisMullinsM271 to 39A497
not actual time. Start is age and time graded based on the Dipsea Trail Run formula. Note: Time is adjusted time
Actual time can be calculated by adding the head start time to your official time. Sampler HandicapsMALEFEMALE
13'04756 & 64C
11'40727 & 61Z
10'166 & 698 & 58W
8'52669 & 55T
8'247 & 6554S
7'566410 & 53R
7'008 & 6211 & 51P
6'326149 - 50O
6'046012 & 48N
5'369 & 58 - 5913 & 46 - 47M
5'085714 & 44 - 45L
4'4010 & 5615 & 41 - 43K
4'125516 - 18 & 40J
3'4411 & 53 - 5419 - 39I
3'1612 & 52H
2'4813 & 50 - 51G
2'2014 & 48 - 49F
1'5215 & 45 - 47E
1'2416 & 42 - 44D
0'5617 & 38 - 41C
0'2818 & 31 - 37B
0'0019 - 30A